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  1. al&burke

    Peacock Mantis

    We my peacock has been very social lately, comming out of his lair a lot. Here are some pictures
  2. al&burke


    Pick up this beauty this weekend.
  3. al&burke

    Plumbing - Peacock Mantis Build

    Ok so I am putting together two tanks. One on top of another. This will be plumbed to an existing sump system on my 65 gallon lion tank. These two tanks will be dedicated stomatopods tanks, bottom one peacock upper one ciliatas (presently sharing its home with a mean banggai cardinal). Now...
  4. al&burke

    Building Glass Aquariums

    Been playing around with building glass tanks. Have built about 4 or 5 now. This one 20 wide x 24 deep x 15 High is going to be for my peacock mantis. I am going to run it on my 65 lion tank sump. The trim is made from plexi and uvex then spray painted with krylon fusion. This one has had...
  5. al&burke

    Banggai Cardinals

    I have had a male banggai cardinal since I started my tank, his partner died a few years ago. So finally I buy three new ones. I have them in a 15 gallon QT along with 12 peppermint shrimp. I notice two out of the three are kind of hiding. THe next day one is on it's side dying. The thrid...
  6. al&burke

    Scarlet Crabs

    Just a little fun with some cool shots of these scarlet crabs I bought today
  7. al&burke

    65 Lion Tank Build

    Well I finally have the tank in the fish room, the sump is basically shown in the pictures the return is on the left (this is all plumbed) with a single verticle spray bar on the left side of the DT. THe overflow is in the right corner with the drain going to the right side of the sump. The...
  8. al&burke

    Petsmart Closing Sale

    Petsmart is closing in our town, we have two, been looking at this Fluval tank, I go in everyday trying to catch some great deals. So I ask the girl about the Fluval (30 gallon cube, stand, good canister filter, T5 lights heater, bla bla bla and a stand) Just want the tank to be honest, listed...
  9. al&burke

    Yellow leaf fish

    Got this beauty today.
  10. al&burke

    Clownfish Breeding

    Ok so I have had a pair of Osc Clownfish for about 4 years now. The last 6 months I have watched them spawn at least twice a month, I have tried to catch the larvae at night but no luck. Bang Guy once told me to put a piece of slate at their spawning site - so I did and this afternoon they...
  11. al&burke

    New Ciliatas Mantis Shrimp

    Well I haven't started a new thread on here in a while so I thought I would introduce my new ciliatas (mantis shrimp) She is about 2 inches long dark green with blue markings. A real neat addition to my collection. I have her in a ten gallon tank with a HOB filters, soon she will be moved...
  12. al&burke

    My Collection of preds.

    We ll I haven't been around much lately, I am still very much in the hobby but I have been getting into different things, lionfish and waspfish. Hope everyone is doing well, enjoy the pictures. I have two Fuzzies first one is almost 5 inches TL and the other in the second pic is about 1-1/4"...
  13. al&burke

    Couple Shots

  14. al&burke

    NEW Dwarf Zebra

    Pick this guy up the other day. Doing well so far in QT # 2 - Update on the fu - he is doing great eating frozen off the stealth stick.
  15. al&burke

    D. biocellatus - FU MAN CHU

    [hr] just got him tonight - here are a few shots
  16. al&burke

    This one is for you meowzer

    Ha Ha
  17. al&burke

    Couple SHots

    Now if I could just get up on this couch, someone give me a boost
  18. al&burke

    Help with my Acans

    I have had these for over a year, they did not look like this when I got them. They are growing but not the color punch they had before. Here is a picture - I moved them up and down more flow less flow. The spot they are in has been the best so far. I threw in a couple of other pictures of...
  19. al&burke

    Monti - Green and Orange

    Here are a few shots of my monti corals. The orange one has been in the tank for a while and the green one about 6 months, the green one is finally starting to show some growth. There are two green monti's one is next to the cave I made on my OF - if you guys remember from my build. Thanks...
  20. al&burke

    Magnet scrapers

    Anyone out there use these, are they good or just a waste of money.