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  1. emusinky

    A Big Mistake..Need Help

    For the last few weeks, I have been turning pumps off when I feed and turn them back on 10 minutes later. Last night I forgot to turn them back on. I got up early today and noticed it was quiet and found what I have done. The tank heater was off and the temp has dropped to 70. Should I let the...
  2. emusinky

    MH ballast hum?

    I just got my light hung, turned it on, and the ballast makes the worst humming noise. Is that normal? I bought this light off the 'bay' and it's called Indoor Sun. The noise would drive me crazy. It's 400 w with a 14000 bulb. I know they get warm, but can I insulate the noise?
  3. emusinky

    Phosphate test kit ?

    What test kit do you recommend? I found many brands and wondered if one is better than the others. Nutrafin, Tropic Marin, Red Sea, Instant Ocean, Seachem, Salifert, and AP. I remember reading a post once that said most aren't any good. What do you think? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. emusinky


    I just got a new maxima from SWF today. It would not stay any where I put it until it was pretty much north south oriented...Just wondered if any one had noticed this. The clam is beautiful and much larger than 1.5 they advertised.
  5. emusinky

    Jellyfish and anemone?

    I was thinking of adding an upside down jellyfish to my clown/anemone tank. I found a good deal on a 4-6 inch one. It says that they are totally reef safe and don't sting. Do you think the anemone would kill the jellyfish? Has anyone had one of these?
  6. emusinky

    Is this a bad idea?

    My plans to put a 29 sump under each of my 2 65 tanks won't work. The stands are not tall enough for the skimmers. What if I hook both tanks to one sump? I have a nice space between the two I can use. Do you see a problem or would that help both tanks be more stable? Thanks for any ideas here...
  7. emusinky

    Sweet Squamosa!!

    I just got my first clam!! It's the squamosa SWF had on sale this week. It's even nicer than I expected. It's a about 3 1/2 inches and opened as soon as it was in my tank. Now I have a couple of those dumb questions.... What is dangerous to a clam as far as livestock? I have 2 GSM clowns, 2...
  8. emusinky

    How to clean a used tank ?

    I recently bought a used 29 g tank to make a sump. It was previously used as a snake tank. What would be the best way to clean it?
  9. emusinky

    No Joke HR 669

    I am new, but please check out this bill going through the legislature. There would be no more or any others. Please make your voices heard!