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  1. drtito

    crack in plastic frame

    I had a power strip go out and my tank got cold , and caused the frame to split smake dab in the middle of the lower frame , should i just fill with epoxy or take down tank ??
  2. drtito

    Canopy fans and condensation .

    I have a 125 FOWLR planning on reef again , have few fish and light bio load , snails ,a few hermits. Lights are LED's with more LED's on way. Under the canopy , the moisture is starting to cover the inside and condense, making droplets around edge. Should I rise top a lil bit or add fans to...
  3. drtito

    Sand getting moved around

    I have a Javanese Damsel an adult now , that i think is moving around all of my sand bed , under rocks is its fav spots , I have added flat stones to slow it down but have been unable to stop it . Are there any tips or tricks to stopping the javanese damsel from doing more damage ????
  4. drtito

    Snowflake Eel question ??

    I got a snowflake eel, as a gift . Tiny 5inches maybe less It acclimated well and went to the rock work right away I observered it all night and now two days later I cant find it . Have looked on floor, behind tank , and under some rockwork intank. I don't want to remove all the rock to find...
  5. drtito

    pool/spa water pump use in reef tank ??

    Its bin awhile since i've posted, but normal tank upkeep ,women, and work has bin keeping me very busy. ;) My question ....I found a new " DURAFLO " // "GruberHydro" ( listed for pool/spa use ) water pump can i use it in my reef tank. ?? Model # 001438 H.P. 3/4 1 1/2 inch ports. The...
  6. drtito

    water damage to pine wood stand.

    Hello everyone, it has bin some time now since i last posted, and have gotten back into my tanks upkeep. All is well there.except Due to the cold weather and a busted water pipe i ran into a problem. The entire room in which the tank sits was flooded (at it was not the tank this time :] ) with 5...
  7. drtito

    jumping back in.

    I am losing interest in my tank ,not paying as much attention to it as I once did. What can I do to regain the focus?
  8. drtito

    Avg. Life of power head.

    What is the avg. life of a power head ? Mine was a maxi-jet 1200 with mod for 5+ years. I had recently put it on a timer set to 12 hours on/off, which might have helped it to an early demise. Just asking to know.
  9. drtito

    fish food went bad ?

    I am not sure if my fish food went bad? It has a bad "fishy" smell, and the once white mysis shrimp are now dull brown. has it gone bad ?
  10. drtito

    no insturctions

    i need some help , i do not know how to take apart my 250 watt MH lamp to change the bulb. It is an HQI lamp. with a UV sheld Any help here would be great as i have not touched the lamp yet.
  11. drtito

    M.H. blub switch 10k to 14K

    I know that I should lower the amount of time on till the corals adjust but how long should i wait till i run them as normal ? switch from 2 year old stock HQI DE 10,000K bulb to a hamliton DE 14,000 K bulb. First time changing a M.H. bulb.
  12. drtito

    100 $ CUC for 125

    I have 100 bucks(with shipping) to spend on a clean up cerw, all my snails are gone to a hungry hermit crab. Soo what should i get.?? oh, before i forget i would like one sand sifting goby. golden headed sleeper??%% i have a DSB and red slime growing on it and would like to get rid of it...
  13. drtito

    How to reset heater

    i have a heater the has the numbers written and the dial turns to the desired temp. But its heating more then it should be(or what i have it set at). How do I reset the heater so it will produce the right amout of heat for the setting? Set at 78 want 78-80 temp. Goes to 84 some times. Note: I...
  14. drtito

    One picture a day

    I am sure some of you have seen that vid where the guy takes one picture a day for like 6 years. here a link just in case: But has anyone done that with a FOWLR/REEF TANK ? i think it would be cool (there i go thinking again,ouch)
  15. drtito

    Water bucket and heater

    I went to check my 75 gal.water bucket just now and smelt a copper smell, checked the heater and its busted , glass broke and metal abit rusted. the water is now NO GOOD .........right ? Note: you should always have extra water.
  16. drtito

    Beefing up defences

    A while ago I asked what the best locks were and got some master lock DISK locks , which work great no one has bin able to bust them soo I feel safe. Now since they could not break the gate down some thives broke in and took all my store radios from the trucks then went to each car and got what...
  17. drtito

    Gold rim tang

    I have bin looking for a new fish to add and saw the Gold rim tang. Looks nice, eats what I am feeding , I read that they are not bold and reef safe. How well do they do in tanks ? are they good comunity fish ? (itank size 125) I have a yelllow tang ,and some clowns right now but I am expecting...
  18. drtito

    good,bad, or ugly

    insidesun / inside sun lamps Saw these listed and wanted to know if anyone here has gotten any ? and if there any good ?? Attachment 231852 250 watt
  19. drtito

    keep getting burned online

    I have placed 5 orders online from differnt companys and all have come wrong, what is it with online orders that I keep getting burned. Some come incomplete whill others are sent in bad bags that leak and my fav is bad packing a cardborad box with no insulation or packing. Is there anything I...
  20. drtito

    Power strips with timer

    Are power strips with built in timer any good ? Is there any brand that is NOT GOOD/FAILS often ??