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  1. halostalker

    jbj 28gallon pump died, replace???

    k so one of my pumps in the back sump area died, i was wondering what kind of new pump i should get to replace it. would a eheim 1260 600gph be to strong???
  2. halostalker

    WtB LR and other such in NY

    hey im starting a new tank and i need cheap LR if anyone has any b/c my LFS wants 6 dollars a pound and it its not that much and it isn't that good. Also im looking for a chiller HOB cpr refugium and anything else u might have for cheap...
  3. halostalker

    Halo's 28JbJ Reef/Invert Nano Diary

    Well i just ordered a reef nano tank=P, im so excited!!!!! I ordered so far as follows: JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube HQI Aquarium with FREE Stand -$500.00 Rainbow Lifegard Little Time Or Temp -$19.99 Aquarium Refractometer - $39.99 Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Saltwater Liquid Master Test Kit - 17.99...
  4. halostalker

    which 28 gallon nano is better

    which is better? the jbj 28 gallon or the Nano-Cube 28 gallon, both come with skimmer, wavemaker, metal halide, 4 moon lights. All i wana now is there a big difference, both cost 500 but as of now the jbj also comes with free stand=P
  5. halostalker

    Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Tap Water Filter (is it anygood)

    hey i wana setup a jbj 28 gallon and was wondering is this good enough for my water in the reef tank?
  6. halostalker


    well i just been reading about these and wonder does anyone use them b/c they sound great for our nitrate problems? it costs 200 dollars for the cheapest one and it can treat all our nanos, is it used for reefz or is it more important if u have a heavy load on the tank by having alot of fish or...
  7. halostalker

    Good Ls(live Sand)

    which sand should i get i just noticed its alot cheaper online then geting it at my petshop which is 33 dollars for 20lbs. i like the fine(no shellz) reef sand and it has to be bright white i want to kno what people think is best.
  8. halostalker

    Staten Island NY WTB chiller

    Im looking for a cheap chiller for my 28 gallon nano. plz=P
  9. halostalker

    Staten Island

    Im geting myself into advance reef tanks, i would love to know any good petshops around me or places that would fancy my interests, im aslo planing on buying a JBJ 28 gallon with stand and spending 550 on it, if anyone knows something i can buy which is way better PM plz=P...
  10. halostalker

    SI NY FISH(Niger Triggerfish) for Sale

    I've had him since he was tiny, hes 4-5 inches long now still small in my option, sorry hasn't developed red fangs yet still to young lmao, but he is a nice fish likes to act naturaly rather then watch who's on the outside of the tank, hes been me favorite for more then a year now. IF u Have...
  11. halostalker

    help with refug

    Hi im planing on geting a JBJ 28 gallon tank with stand for $550(including shiping) would love to here if im wasting money or puting in enough to start a really good reef tank. Well my problem is im a refugium fan all the way and would love to hear how to get one on this JBJ Baby? i was thinking...
  12. halostalker

    SI NY wana buy tank

    i wana buy a jbj 28 gallong halide tank with stand, or would like to see what else people r selling that would be great for a reef tank, if u got a cheap jbj i think will buy it in a heartbeat and u would allow me to get started instead of waiting a couple of monthz for prices=P need to save...
  13. halostalker

    My New tank(continued with pics that prove im not a liar)

    so remember me with the 10 gallon tank with all the fish well my friend is making me take pictures to show off, my camera suckz and it came out crapy and u really can't see the beauty of the tank=P i know i have a bit of a algae problem but i got a sea hare for the job.
  14. halostalker

    MY first tank

    Hey, im new to this hobby and i just started a saltwater tank as a experiment, my LFS said i can't start a small saltwater tank they said it must be at least a 30 gallon and so on..... so i started a 10 my friend started a 5 gallon lmao. So the reason i went so small is b/c its a experiment to...