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  1. dse

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas To Everyone
  2. dse

    Fnaaly Dean's tank diary

    also heres my big big deco crab enjoy as he never comes out!! also this is after lights out so pics might be a bit tacky.
  3. dse

    Fnaaly Dean's tank diary

    Well here are more pics enjoy! This is MR Wong (named by my wife because he has a tash lol.
  4. dse

    in need of help with blue surgeon

    if you look just before the start of the yellow there's a white blotch I'm thinking it got stung by bad aneminies
  5. dse

    in need of help with blue surgeon

    17 views and only 1 other person sent message i knows theres som1 to help me please i do really need help fast.
  6. dse

    fish dont live very long

    hmm it seems theres no skimmer no skimmer killed my first attemp of swf for about 6 months on trot then i stopped and learned a fish safe way then restarted got all equipment and boom i was off with LR the right ammount LS 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch the right sized skimmer lighting heating water...
  7. dse

    in need of help with blue surgeon

    not untill after xmas misses flips her lid all time about that but now she might learn. even now shes like yeah what ever. so after xmas i'll be getting a 20 gal QT and am in middle of making a 4ft sump for my main tank. anyway heres the best pic i could get hold of.
  8. dse

    in need of help with blue surgeon

    ok i baught a blue surgeon 3days ago was a bit pale but i thought it might be the lfs falt on it stressing then yesterday it looked very vibrant n i was very proud that i got it....... But this morning lights on n it has apink/white saw patch my tank is big anuff and theres plenty of LR main...
  9. dse

    Fnaaly Dean's tank diary

    hay all well I have top news!!!! Today I got a blue surgeonfish n a yellow watchman goby (he's very fat) and the wife said I can have a pink tail trigger today for an Xmas prezzie!!! Yay now I'll be movin on to getting just corals untill tank is plasterd of coral lol
  10. dse

    Fnaaly Dean's tank diary

    ok here are some pics and i've improved on taking them.... slightly (thanks to the misses.
  11. dse

    Fnaaly Dean's tank diary

    not sure in US gallons i know it's in the 200-300 zone i'll get a programe later to tell me. i have a few new pics today of a star fish that i thought was dead long time ago and my baby arrow/enginieer goby none of the adult goby tho i also have a film if anyone is intrested let me know n i'll...
  12. dse

    Fnaaly Dean's tank diary

    Originally Posted by Rotarymagic looks nice. Originally Posted by -Tara33- lol, cute kid! Originally Posted by Rotarymagic I know, right? It seems like he's saying "Daddy... yeah its a great tank, but don't forget about me!" oh wow din't relise people responded so fast sorry i poped off...
  13. dse

    Fnaaly Dean's tank diary

    heres more: if anyone remembers i baught this T-hammer virtually dead now look its better
  14. dse

    Fnaaly Dean's tank diary

    ok i got a new cam and have put on photo bucket so i'm going to try and see if i can paste them remember i'm no top photographer man lol. this one makes me laugh try to spot what made me laugh
  15. dse

    Powerhead Upgrade

    i would buy Koralia #1 as you do have a small tank unless you want lots of flow.
  16. dse

    Your favorite large tank on

    i'm not voting till they post pics! i wana see!!!!
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    Originally Posted by keish24 ok....well my tank is 4' long. is there any kind of tang that would be happy in that size of tank or should i just stay away from tangs all together until i get a larger sized tank? You can get a very good and reliable tang for your tank size. I've had mine now...
  18. dse

    Star Polyp Question

    mine does this at night to protect it's self wich it's probably doing at the mo and blasting it with a baster might not of been the best of ideas i would leave it for a day and see how it looks. also do u have hermits? and what fish do you have? wheres it placed? i placed mine in the sand in a...
  19. dse

    Foxface Rabbitfish - Unhappy and Hiding

    just to let you know the "foxface" changes colour for camo against preds and for anything that scares them so remember just because it changes colour don't meen it's bad just meens HOLY CRAP BIG THINGY WANTS TO GET ME!!!!!
  20. dse

    new engineer gobys

    Originally Posted by InvertCrazy these are also called convict gobies. they are going to move a lot of sand or gravel around so be sure your rockwork is secure. they also love to eat. lmao all fish love to eat ehehehe