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  1. kyle10

    reef tank contents for sale

    180 gal reef tank fully stocked mostly softies about 200lbs of live rock etss 650 skimmer blueline pump collection container located in woodbridge nj anyone interested let me know ... thanks more details upon request
  2. kyle10

    1yr. old tank pics

    tank is 1 year old now 5 old pics 9 new pics what a difference a year makes.
  3. kyle10

    new tank pics

    havent posted any pics in a while... so heres a 12 pack...comments welcome
  4. kyle10

    stining torch

    does anybody know if when a torch coral is stinging another coral the white ball tips increase in size? one of my corals next to my torch coral keeps shriveling up and i noticed the tips on the torch by that coral larger then all the rest of them...that is why i ask the ? thanks
  5. kyle10

    random tank pics 12 pack

  6. kyle10

    random pics ..some new stuff

  7. kyle10

    new tank pics

    hows the tank lookin????
  8. kyle10

    new additions + sps id?

    can anyone give me the correct name of this sps coral?
  9. kyle10

    blue tang ?

    got this tang on monday night i noticed this big white mark about the size of an eraser... can anyone idea please... thanks
  10. kyle10

    todays new additions

    1 flower pot
  11. kyle10

    mh bulbs

    i have a case of these bulbs brand new...they are 250 watt 6500k.. asking 40 a bulb...
  12. kyle10

    some pics

  13. kyle10

    protein skimmer

    anybody using the turbofloater 1000 multi skimmer? just ordered one... if you could give me your likes or dislikes of the unit... thanks in advance
  14. kyle10

    protien skimmer?

    what exactly does a protien skimmer do? what happens if u dont use one? does it effect amm. nitrites nitrates? thanks
  15. kyle10

    12 pack plus 1

  16. kyle10

    nj fish stores

    anybody from nj list fish stores u visit? and give them a rating... looking for somewhere else to shop. thanks
  17. kyle10

    2 corals deflating help

    have about 8 corals in my tank...2 of them were fine yesterday today all of the little fingers arent standing up anymore...and the one which is a table coral all of the ruffles are even shrinking up...the other one in trouble is a colt coral...same thing there... all fingers are not standing...
  18. kyle10

    sleeper gold head goby

    about a week ago i had green hair algae on about half of my live rock and the sand had some brown algae covering last tuesday i picked up a yellow angel..three days later no more hair algae on rock...totally gone...2 days ago i picked up 2 sleeper gold head get home from...
  19. kyle10

    new maxima clam

    got a maxima clam last night had a few ? feeding: spot feed dt's once a week is this o.k placement: on the sand is this o.k dosing iodine once a week also he's pretty big about 5 inches long how much bigger will he get ?and how fast does he grow? plus anything else you could tell me about...
  20. kyle10

    maroon clown

    quick ? i just saw my clown turn with his tail towards the glass and wag his tail against the sand and throwsand around. almost like he was throwing at me. i have heard of them spitting sand at this the same thing? or does it mean something else? when he did it it only lasted 3-4...