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  1. rblcori07

    Matt's 120g Build

    i wish i was close to you bc i have a sail fin tang that im getting rid of.. the wife decided that she doesnt like it any more so im getting rid of it...
  2. rblcori07

    utah reefers

    sorry to bring up a dead thread but im up here on hill afb in layton
  3. rblcori07

    Rblcori07 journal

    no they only do laps in the morning when right before i feed them.... after they eat they just float around like they dont have a care in the world lol... i love it the water was low that day bc i was changing some of it
  4. rblcori07

    Rblcori07 journal

    yea they seem happy though... they do their laps every morning lol that and not every one of them are in there any more... it seemed crowded so i got rid of one of the yellow tangs and once i get the 110 im getting rid of the sailfin so it will only be the yellow and hippo
  5. rblcori07

    Rblcori07 journal

    ok guys well i put up some pictures that i have now... ill try and get soem pictures of the way it is now in the morning... i will also make sure i get pictures of the build on of the 110 saterday
  6. rblcori07

    Damsel domino needs to go

    this same thing happend to me.... i tried for a day or two to catch him with a new but after the second day when he saw the net touch the top of the water he was gone lol. I ended up taking every single peice of rock out to catch him lol... Can you say i was P/O
  7. rblcori07

    Rblcori07 journal

    ohh yes i will put up pics up from the start to now of my 55 i have now and then sat i will take a bunch of pictures of the 110 journal when i go get it sat
  8. rblcori07

    Rblcori07 journal

    we will save one more just for good measures
  9. rblcori07

    Rblcori07 journal

    saved space
  10. rblcori07

    Rblcori07 journal

    Hey guys im new to this site so i figured i would make a journal of my tank. I will add pictures as soon as i get home and can post them up. I started off with a 55 gallon set up with just the basics and it slowley evolved over a year and a half and now im going to pick up a 110 gallon this...
  11. rblcori07

    Jerth6932's Tank Progress!

    hey jerth what part of utah are you from?