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  1. dse

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas To Everyone
  2. dse

    in need of help with blue surgeon

    ok i baught a blue surgeon 3days ago was a bit pale but i thought it might be the lfs falt on it stressing then yesterday it looked very vibrant n i was very proud that i got it....... But this morning lights on n it has apink/white saw patch my tank is big anuff and theres plenty of LR main...
  3. dse

    help with a shroom

    I bought this shroom for cheap last week that was on its own due to the others had "died" the rock is about 2 long and 1-1 1/2" wide coverd in algae. then my lawnmower cleaned it with in 24hours and saw 2 very shriveld white objects i gatherd they was two dead/dieing shrooms. now tbh i do buy...
  4. dse

    aptaisia question and my crab.

    Hay all just a quick few questions. I have about 6-7 aptaisia anemones and would like to know the way to remove. is it lemon juice? if so how do i do this i guess not in the tank.... right? how much do i squirt?(per aptaisia) as i have lovly fish and corals i don't want to kill. also on my best...
  5. dse

    need info on a slug

    hay. i have a slug out brake and need a bit of advice if it's good or bad. theres no pic as we lost the cam some where. anyway i'll describe them. ok it's pure white very slim with the eyes on like stems cant think what you call them. if i find the cam i will try my best to take a reasonable...
  6. dse

    my starpolyp n my zoa's

    hay. right i baught a few weeks ago a starpolyp coral came with quite a few and a few zoa's was on it the lfs did not know what they was they thought they came with them and was the early stage of them....... ok it was really healthy untill 2days ago it started to look dreadfull tbh. my zoas are...
  7. dse

    A forum for tangs and/or angels

    I think we should at least have one mainly tangs as i've seen a lot of people here talk about them or have them etc etc and same with angels i think it wuld be good to have these as i wouldent have to scout for info all over the place, we could even have stickys of info of tangs level of...
  8. dse

    i'm in need of help finding my fish

    Hay all, Well i baught a Orange spot blenny on tuesday night after work got him home and i did the acclimatise left it in the bag floating for 30 minutes whilst i set up my acclimation box up i then proceeded to acclimitise via the box like explains it. I then carfully placed him in and...
  9. dse

    japanese pygmy angel and Flame Fin Tomini Tang

    I baught the Flame Fin Tomini Tang today and acclimed as recomends thats all fine. Then after 3 hours of accliming i put in the Flame Fin Tomini Tang with the JPA. it seemed all was fine left lights off for over 5 hours turned lights on no more then an hour and a half ago and saw the...
  10. dse

    bristle starfish cuts its own leg off..

    hay all. just a quick question i know it's fine and safe for it to miss a part of it's leg but with the bit cut off is there a possible chance of it surviving and growing? the starfish did this to it's self this morning wich i thought was wierd. then i saw it moving around on the sand andwhen i...
  11. dse

    skimmer tips

    i've got a fish only at the moment using my skimmer as a dry skim is this best for fish only? but it is turning into a reef as of middle of oct starting with a few hammers & mushrooms.. so what do i do for best skimming all round? is wet best or dry? for both reef and fish only?
  12. dse

    any one got a tip for my salt?

    hi. i have a 25kg x2 bucket 1 open 1 not. as i know salt not opened does not clump. but the ones that do are clumped... anyway my question to this is how do you keep this from clumping as i don't want any build up of phos i'm having to remove perhaps 1-2 clumps every few days. it's also got an...
  13. dse

    v2 skim 600 need a tad bit of help

    hay all. well problem is the s.c.r.e.w part for the cup is stiff and wont unscrew anyone know of a safe non breakable way it's starting to get on my nerves a bit as its been like this for 3 days and thought right time to get ti off (with a slight temper) i must of moved it slightly as it leaked...
  14. dse

    cleaner wrasse

    what do you lot feed your cleaner wrasse's? as mine has gone off frozen mysis and is starting to look a little under weight (maybe just me panicing but i would rather do somthing before it becomes a problem) i was thinkning of getting live foods see if it will eat some of that.. but before i do...
  15. dse

    Fnaaly Dean's tank diary

    finally after 5months of waiting for my tank to arrive from china i have got it. tank length is 201cm long 50cm wide and 75cm tall if i remember correctly came with 2x 300w heater (aqua one) and 1x fx5 filter(no media or carbon) came in the wrong colour was slightly damged my wife is very cross...
  16. dse

    sump help.

    Ok i'm gonna need big time help setting up my sump. i'm gonna need pics diagrams info the lot this will be my first build. so i'm a sump diy noob!!!! i'm gonna need help. i'm getting a profesh to come drill my Tank and sump. thank you in the help all
  17. dse

    salt vs salt

    ok i'm about to buy a 25kg bucket of salt. problem is i don't know out of the two is better.... reef crystals 25kg or instant ocean 25kg. i normally use red sea these days but i want a better quality of salt. its for a reef tank of 210 gal. i've used a 2kg reef crystal bag before but that was...
  18. dse

    boxing shrimp

    is it common for a boxing shrimp to break a claw? as it looks like mine has..... part of the claw the top part is up right. should i leave it??
  19. dse

    vinegar question.....

    it's been a few years since i needed to vinegar clean somthing and couldent remember if distilled malt is aqua friendly?
  20. dse

    live sand choice?

    ok not sure on what to use. its between 100lbs fiji pink 1.5mm sand grain or100lbs oolitic sand 0.2mm-1.2mm grain. anyone have an opinion on these? also what type of ls is everyone using?