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  1. egill

    Question about snails in a freshly moved tank

    Just went and bought a new 75g reef ready aquarium to replace my 75g aquarium upstairs. Got everything moved and up and running and doing great. Noticed when moving everything I only had about 3 snails and 4 hermits left. How long should i wait before ordering more?
  2. egill

    Lighting for a 240g

    I bought a used 240g setup about 1 1/2 years ago. It came with 1-4ft power compact and 1-3ft power compact light fixture which both have 4 bulbs each. Looking at getting rid of the power compact and going to LED's. Was wondering if anyone had any info on what i should look for. Also the tank...
  3. egill

    Problem with starfish

    In my 240g fowlr I'm having issues with my starfish being shredded apart. Had 2 brittle and 2 serpent starfish and so far I found one of the serpent with all of it's legs removed and today I found one of the brittles with legs all over the tank. Not sure what is causing this as they've been in...
  4. egill

    Tang ID please

    Bought this guy about 3 months ago and can't really find any info on him. Would help if I had a proper name I guess LOL. Not a great picture but he's pretty shy and hides when you walk up to the tank. He's about 6 inches long and I have him in my 240g. thanks!!
  5. egill

    Think I killed it??

    I have a extra mag 18 that I use for water changes. I was emptying out my 46g and some of the sand got sucked up and now the pump will run but won't pull any water. Anyone have this issue or now of a solution?
  6. egill

    Built in overflow question/problem

    I have a 240g with a built in overflow. It has 2 drains and 2 returns. They are in the same overflow in the center of the tank. I was doing some basic maintenance today and noticed only 1 of the drains is draining into my sump. I shut the system down and pulled the overflow tubes out and...
  7. egill

    Water Question

    I have a 45g brute can where I mix my salt water. I filled it in mid of sept and forgot to put the heater in or turn on the power head but never mixed in any salt. Need to do a water change but not sure if I should use this water or just discard it. Any info would be great.
  8. egill

    Where do you get your salt from and what kind do you use?

    Was curious as to where people purchase their salt from. I checked here at and see they don't have any for sale so I hope this is ok to talk about. I just purchased (2) Reef Crystals Salt - REEF CRYSTALS SALT 200 GALLON (BOX) off amazon for $110 shipped. LFS sells it for...
  9. egill

    CUC for 240G

    Need some advice for a 240g. Already have fish for it in QT while the tank is cycling. Have a 7" Hawaiian Trigger, 7" Naso Tang, 4" Maroon Clown, 4" Coral Beauty, and a 5" Yellow tang. What kind of clean up crew would you recommend? Also I plan on keeping this tank as FOWLR.
  10. egill

    Flow Rate Question

    Bought a 240g tank that came with (2) Mag 18 return pumps and 1 Mag 18 for that runs the skimmer. Do I count all three to determine flow rate or just the 2 return pumps?
  11. egill

    It's going to be a LONG day!!!

    Just picked this up of CL. 240 8’x 2’x 2’ Acrylic Blue backed Reef Ready Center overflow 2 Custom Sea Life Compact Florescent Lights with 8 36” 96 watt total of 768watts 36”x18”x24” Wet/Dry filter 5 Mag 18 pumps Oak Stand and Hood 200 pounds of live sand 140pounds...
  12. egill

    New light ?

    Well after returning 4 Nova Extreme 8x54 HO t5 light fixtures I decided to go with the Tek 8x54 with individual reflectors. I know this will be more intense light so I was wondering if I need to back off the time the light is on?? With the Nova I had it running from noon to 9pm with minimal...
  13. egill

    Lighting for LT Anemone

    Have a 75g with 100lb LR and 100LS. Bought a LT anemone yesterday and he is doing his exploring around the tank right now. From what I've read that's normal and to leave him b. I have the nova extreme 8x54 and was wondering what is a good amount of time to leave the lights on for?? Usually...
  14. egill

    Rookie Mistake

    I bought my first corals yesterday. I bought 2 frags of Kenya tree and a "combo rock" with I believe are zoa??? I know I shouldn't have bought something I didn't know what it is but the guy at the LFS has been really helpful and told me that would due great under my lighting (Current Extreme...
  15. egill

    Missing Lawnmower Blenny

    2 weeks ago I added a Lawnmower Blenny, a sixline wrasse and a light footed sally to my 75g tank. Already had 2 maroon clowns, hippo tang, 7 hermits and about 25 snails. Last time we seen the Lawnmower we 1 week ago. He looked very healthy and was eating (looked like a dog chomping on the...
  16. egill

    CUC...How Many??

    Have a 75g FOWLR (Been up since first of Nov) and need to know if I have enough of a clean up crew. Seeing packages online and here with a list like this: Scarlet Hermit Crab: 20 Blueleg Hermit Crab: 20 Turbo/Astrea Snail: 25 Peppermint Shrimp: 5 Emerald Crab: 5 Coral Banded Shrimp: 1...
  17. egill

    Nova Extreme 8x54

    Anyone with any experience with this light? Bought it from a online retailer and recieved it on Jan 4th. Tonight I was cleaning some algea off the glass and noticed 2 of the Actinic Blue bulbs not working. I took out some of the other bulbs and tried them in the outlets that were not...
  18. egill


    Welp we had a little bit of an ice storm last friday. Luckly we saved our marroon clown fish from our 46g when the power went out. Sadly our oscars didn't make it that were in our 75g. Only positive from that is that I get to turn our 75g into saltwater. Going to move everything equipment...
  19. egill


    Had a buddy that was gettting rid of his clowns. Told him I was looking for a pair to start my tank with. He said I could have them since he was getting out of saltwater. He brought them over and they are Maroons. They are beautiful fish and he has on had them 2 months. They are both the...
  20. egill


    Just want to thank everyone that has posted valuable info that I've been lurking thru the last couple weeks. After countless years of having fresh water I decided to leap into SW. Went out and bought a 46g bow with a wet/dry filtration. Got a protein skimmer and heater all in the sump. Have...