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  1. mie

    Jelly Fish Tank

    What is your take on this Jelly Tank, Am i missing something.. or is there something I need to be aware of. If anyone knows anything about Jellies that can help me out.. I would appriciate it. Thanks This is NOT a competitor Link!
  2. mie

    separating mantle???????????????

    I noticed over the past few days my deasa clam was not opening all the way, and today it looks like its mantle is peeling away from its shell. The only thing different is the addition of a lawnmower blenny that likes to rest on the clam. Would this cause it to do this? Water conditions are fine...
  3. mie

    Diary of a dog and cat. A super funny read!

    "Excerpts from a Dog's Diary" 8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing! 9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing! 9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite thing! 10:30am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing! 12:00pm - Lunch! My favorite thing! 1:00 pm - Played in the yard! My favorite thing...
  4. mie

    Should I put my dog to sleep?

    I have a 14 year old chihuahua who is blind, deaf and pees in his bed all the frickin time. I cant even hold him because he pees on me. He is not in any pain though. Any thoughts?
  5. mie

    Help buying lcd tv

    I need some input on buiyng a new lcd tv. I am going out this weekend but want some last minute help, I think I narrowed it down to a 52 inch samsung for $1399.00. We saw some cheaper sonys at costco for around $1100.00, I was also told they were cheaper sonys made with cheap parts in china...
  6. mie

    ID this fish? (Flashing tile fish)?

    Hey all I need help to id this fish for friend. It was sold sold to him as a flashing tile fish.
  7. mie

    Need help FAST! Broken brace! Please.

    Put in some new fish today and noticed that the BACK of my center brace is cracked pretty bad, it looks like the metal halide dried out the plastic causing the crack. Anyways, not sure on how long it has been this way, How could I fix this? Not really anywhere to screw a piece of plexi on the...
  8. mie

    Mie's 12 gallon jbj diary

    Well my wife got me a 12 gallon jbj cube. All it has for lighting is a 24 watt 50/50 10k bulb. I am going to focus on some low light stuff. I put some media in the cube from my big tank that has been there for a few weeks, kind of speed things up. So far the only fish I have decided on is a bi...
  9. mie

    RO and rust.

    I just changed out the ro connection from my hose to the ro unit. The connector was part galvanized, upon further inspection I noticed the inside was solid rust. I fixed it and changed it all to pvc. My question is, will the ro unit (no di) filter out the rust? Another question would rust water...
  10. mie

    New to this side of the tracks!

    I guess I will be coming here alot more as my wife just bought me a 12 gallon jbj nano for christmas. It is the one with the 24 watt 6500k daylight and 10k blue white light combo. Not to sure on what I will put in it. Any one willing to help me out, and tell me some of the do's and dont's...
  11. mie

    This is a great xmas link. (parents)

    This is great especially if you have kids. Lots of fun.
  12. mie

    Quick ro di question.

    I currently have a 4 stage ro unit. I am upgrading to di, shoud I go with a single stage or a two stage? And please explian why.
  13. mie

    Hey car people, check this out!

    Took my 2000 chev suburban in to the shop today because it was making a slight ticking noise and was staring to squeel when you started it. Here is the result, a seriously broken flexplate(flywheel), Was going to be a 1,000 dollars to fix but the wifes dad is the head mechanic so I get to pay...
  14. mie

    Quick question about ich lifecycle?

    My flame and foxface are on day 12 of 14 of copper treatment with no signs of ich. My main tank has 2 green chromis a xmas wrasse and a blue devil damsel That have shown no signs of ich I cant catch them with a trap. My question is that will the ich still be in my main system even though those...
  15. mie

    My linkia?

    My wife caught this pic today. Just thought I would share.
  16. mie

    Help me kill my fish!

    My clown is pretty sick he has no resorted to swimming in circles and breathing very hard here is his problem. How should I humainly kill him?
  17. mie

    Large reef tank owners only please!

    How would you treat your fish for ich in a large tank lets say 100 plus gallons that is well established with all kinds of large corals and stuff that have spread out and covered pretty much everything? You cant catch half the fish. You cant tear your reef apart. You cant do hypo or copper in...
  18. mie

    Why me? This is strange?

    I have had my reef up and running for a few years with minor issues here and there, but tonight I noticed my large gold stripe clown COVERED in ich, so I went to work and set up the hospital tank and started copper. I looked at all my other fish and noticed my foxface was rubbing and flashing...
  19. mie

    New health care bill..... Oh crap!

    They released the new revision to the health care plan, it is 1,190 pages and congress votes next thursday on it. To fully understand this bill they would have to read around 200+ pages a day. (yah right). Oh yeah big shocker, rember how our wonderfull leader said no tax hikes for the middle...
  20. mie

    Take a look and laugh out loud. These colabiration of pics should put a smile on your face.