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  1. sal713

    24 AP lighting

    Maybe its me but there seems to be some confusion about lighting. It seems with the addition of nano tanks, the standard watts per gallon rule isnt as much of an issue. I've heard several times..."nanos dont need the same amount of light." Well, the 24G AP is still 16" deep whether its a nano or...
  2. sal713

    260w pc's or 250w mh?

    Looking to upgrade my lights. Is there a big difference if I get 260 watts of pc's or 250 watts of metal halide? 260 would bring me up to 7 watts per gallon.
  3. sal713

    PH Drop...can someone help? Bang?

    Am..0 No2..0 No3..0 Po4..0 Ca..500 Ph..7.7 KH..8dH I can not seem to get and keep my Ph between the normal range. (8-8.3?) Numerous water changes didnt help. I do 5 gal a week (tank is 40). Tried using Superbuffer but that seems like a temporary fix. I really dont want to start adding a bunch of...
  4. sal713

    Algae help please

    To start with: 40 gal tank, 55w pc light, 175w MH, wet dry, 80deg, all other numbers are right on the money. I have been getting alot of green algae on the glass. I have to clean it every day(I dont know if this is normal). So I cut down on the lighting which helps but now I seem to be getting a...
  5. sal713

    Your opinion on this skimmer

    anyone have any feedback on the Won Brother Clean-Up skimmer?
  6. sal713


    I recently (about a month ago) switch over to a wet/dry. I now have this big black box in the tank. Is this called a skimmer box? Do I really need this? Its only a 40G tank and it takes up alot of room. Can I just have the tube going from the tank to the pre-filter?
  7. sal713

    Anemonie I.D.

    LFS had a bunch of different anemonies for 6.99 Anyone know what kind this is? Good..Bad?
  8. sal713

    Pipe Organ Coral Help

    I know its a hard coral to keep..of course it seems like its slowly dwindling away. I just read that you shouldnt keep this coral if you have bristle worms in the tank, they may attack it. Yesterday I did notice a baby bristle worms going in and out of one of the empty tubes. Will a hypo dip...
  9. sal713

    My toilet wet/dry

    I got a wet/dry about a month ago and I have tweaked and tweaked but I can not get it to stop sounding like a toilet bowl! Any suggestions?
  10. sal713

    pipe organ coral

    do hermit crabs eat pipe organ coral? I've noticed the "pipes" are slowly dissapearing. I have scarlet, blue leg and zebra.
  11. sal713

    Identify please

    Just got a rock with christmas tree worms. I noticed this morning one of the "holes" was empty and this thing was at the bottom of the tank. Little "hairs" on it and moves very slow. Couls this be the worm?
  12. sal713

    Hypo Dip

    I am trying to get rid of some unwanted crabs that were hitchhikers. (actualy thats sounds pretty funny)If I do a hypo dip, will I actualy kill anything or do they just come running out? Will the pods come out? How long will they survive in the hypo solution until I can get them back in the...
  13. sal713

    My First Pics

    My first pics of my tank. Just starting with corals.
  14. sal713

    Quick Bulb Question

    Does anybody know how close I can put a 175w MH bulb to a 50/50 PC bulb?
  15. sal713

    Dead clam

    I just noticed a clam died that came on some live rock I bought a week ago. Should I take this piece out and remove the clam or leave it and hope the critters clean it up?
  16. sal713

    Too much light?

    Is there such a thing as too much lighting? I already have 175w PC 50/50 on my 40 and from what I've read I can only have "the basics" as far as coral. If I got a 175w MH, do I still keep the other lights or is that too much? Sal
  17. sal713

    PH keeps dropping

    Why would cause my Ph to keep dropping? Everything else is normal. Would raising my calcium lower the Ph?
  18. sal713

    Just saw an amazing thing

    Was peering in my tank with a flash light and all of a sudden one of my peppermints swam around really fast and shot out tons of babies! The whole tank is filled with these little tiny babies! Pretty Cool!
  19. sal713

    Just got some mushrooms

    Just got some mushrooms from ---- yesterday. Small red ones with blue dots and a tonga. This morning I woke up and it seems like someone has been nibbling on the tonga. Scarlet,Blue Leg, Zebra crabs? Peppermint shrimp?
  20. sal713

    Filter Question

    I set up a 20 high tank for seahorses only. I used the sand from home depot and I put a couple of pcs of live rock from my existing tank. My question is would a Millenium 2000 filter be acceptable for this tank?