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  1. ross

    PFO 400w ballast

    For sale is a PFO 400w HQI bran new ballast. I bought it for a tank I was setting up and never ended up using it. Still in the box, just like new!! Price is $130 shipped, please dont hesitiate to ask any questions. It may be faster to reach me by email. ross.quarles at
  2. ross

    anyone ever sell plasma?

    I'm about to i think...i need some money. How much can I expect to get?
  3. ross

    anyone ever oder stereo stuff from cartonix

    I ordered an amp from on christmas day and it still hasnt arrived. I have emailed them about tracking it, and called them but they wont answer or return the email. Anyone ever had this problem?
  4. ross

    lyrics question

    anybody know the name of the song thats like 'baby you amaze me i want to let you see your everything and more to me' its kinda older, well maybe like 2000 or so, it sorta sounds john mayer-ish but its not him. i looked and couldn't find it.
  5. ross


    whats up who has myspace?? and if your gonna just say 'i hate myspace' or 'myspace is a waste of time', please dont respond.
  6. ross

    Hood and bottom for 12g nanocube

    Hey guys I am building a hood to house 1 150w mh and 3x24w PC's. Its all out of mesquite. Over 50 hours into it so far and still quite a bit of work to do. I will be posting shots as the project goes on. Let me know what you think and any questions are more than welcome...
  7. ross

    your favorite thing about a lfs

    What is yalls favorite thing about a lfs, it can be cheap fish, quarantined fish, clean shop, smart staff, etc. The 1 or 2 things that keep bringing you back.
  8. ross

    your favorite thing about a lfs

    What is yalls favorite thing about a lfs, the one thing that keeps you coming back. It can be cheap prices, quarantined fish, smart employees, a clean shop, etc. Just the 1 or 2 very favorite things to see in a lfs.
  9. ross

    never ending battle

    I have a 12g nanocube, took out the stock pump and replace w/ maxi jet 900, made the casetee skimmer, made dual nozzles for alternate flow, added the stock maxi jet pump in the tank for flow, runnign 150w halide (just switched from 64w pc). The tank has been setup for about 3 months or so, it...
  10. ross

    happy bday nemo lover

    We share a birthday today! Shes a little older though. Hope you have a great day!
  11. ross

    quick question

    Does anyone know if the regular M58 magnet ballast (400w) will fire the SE coralvue bulbs?
  12. ross

    My zoos

    Im posting some pics of my nicer zoos! I may have frags if anyone would be interested...
  13. ross

    help me out here

    Ok im looking to get speakers, etc. for my truck. Its a 65 chevy so theres not a whole lot of room for speakers. I want a good quality system. It has to be pretty loud but not like outrageous. So if yall could help me out with just the basics. I really dont know anything. How many speakers/subs...
  14. ross

    grrrr this makes me mad

    These jerks are using my picture as suppodesly their anemone. What a bunch of losers. Is this illegal or anything? I think im gonna send em an email. What should i say?
  15. ross

    new little tang

    This is the cutest little tang ever. Hes not even 2 inches.
  16. ross


    My rose got torn up pretty bad in a powerhead. It got torn in 2 pieces. The small piece has prolly 8 tentacles and is doing well, all inflated, moving around, but i havent tried to feed it yet. The larger piece is inflated and has color, but seems kinda limp. Any suggestions as to what i should...
  17. ross


    Im getting a 29g from a friend for free (im happy) and since i already have a reef, i was thinking about going with a puffer. Is there any puffer that can live in a 29g? I really want one, these things are awesome!
  18. ross

    Napolean Dynamite

    Do you like this movie. Its freakin hilarious! I love it!
  19. ross

    free xenia

    Hey guys I have tons of xenia i need to get rid of. If you want some LMK. You just pay for shipping.... talk to me on msn or AIM or email me if you wanna work something out. also my zip is 78121 if you wanna look up prices of shipping.
  20. ross

    fragging your xenia

    Well lots of people have xenia and might like to frag it, so i will show yall how i do it. The xenia lives 9 times out of 10. First you chose your stalk, and cut it as close to the base as you can.