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  1. grue

    Inexpensive MH Bulbs

    I found some MH bulbs on that auction site that were so cheap they stunned me. Anyone have any experience with a 400W MH that cost about 20 bucks for 2 bulbs? **** even if they only last 6 months I would be happy to use them. If you care to see the item they are under his bay of ****** Grue
  2. grue

    Fraggle Rock

    Hia all, I was given a piece of marshall island rock by a friend. After curing it I was looking for a place to put it. Well today I decided to just put it in the front of the tank for frags. I have a yellow headed sleeper that keeps burying things. So I went to the store got a Masonary drill and...
  3. grue

    Sea Slug Sheding

    Do Sea slugs shed their skins like worms? I See mine doing this.(First time) Here are some pics. (note one day I will take some classes and learn how to use camera) Grue
  4. grue


    Live Selling and Trading Rules: May, 2008 [hr] This forum is for hobbyists who want to sell or trade frags or other livestock. No businesses are allowed. No links are permitted. If you have something to sell you will need to post the pictures/descriptions in the thread. In order to post in...
  5. grue

    ZOO or marble

    This guy has had 1 marble ever since I got him. What makes ZOO's marble up? Water is perfect 0amm 0trates 0trites 0phos
  6. grue

    Wow Great Price

    Hummm Ok thanks for the deal WOOT WOOT Got me a new piece for my tank. But Umm What is it? Grue