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  1. mkzimms

    Reef safe epoxy recommendations?

    I am working on a drop-in upflow algae scrubber for my 28G nano cube. I will need to seal some parts for submersion (magnets and possibly an LED) and have been ending up with a mixed bag of answers about what brand epoxy is reef safe. I would need it to be liquid at the time of application (no...
  2. mkzimms

    Tank Pics - nikon D80

    My father finally let me get my hands on his camera and tripod. I spent some time this weekend taking pictures. I normally use a sony DSC-W80 on macro holding the camera with fairly good results so I was very excited about using some "real" equipment. These are taken with a nikon D80 DSLR...
  3. mkzimms

    sps color morphing

    my endeavour into sps is relatively recent (aprox 10 months) so i have a quick question about color morphing. i have a nice size purple acropora nana which has been growing purple since i got it. in the last 2 months or so it has begun to change color. now im seeing a mix of electric purple...
  4. mkzimms

    new pink tipped BTA

    just got this pink tipped bta for a sweet deal at my LFS, $36. Looks very healthy and the colors are amazing. hes been in the tank for only about 5 hours at the time of this post. hes already stuck himself in that hole, purged his old LFS water and blew himself up again. i think hell be...
  5. mkzimms

    growing pods in my phosban reactor

    so i just setup a phosban reactor to take care of a little algae issue im having. well, i have been checking the reactor and there are pods in there and they are multiplying and look quite happy. they swim around, hang out, dip down into the media and then come back out. they got in there...
  6. mkzimms

    running two different media in same reactor

    Wondering if there is any reason I couldn't run two different media in a reactor at the same time just mixed together. I'd like to run phosban and de-nitrate at the same time in the same unit. I cant really think of a reason why this couldn't be done, but you never know. any thoughts?
  7. mkzimms

    DIY spectrometer to determine bulb life

    Here is a fun tutorial on how to build your own homemade spectrometer. As we all know, the change in spectrum over the life of your bulbs (especially MH) can have some nasty effects on algae and coral growth as well as the overall health of your reef. There seems to be benefit to having a...
  8. mkzimms

    recommend my next fish

    after the untimely death of my beautiful potters angel, ive been spending a lot of time filling my tank with sps and haven't even thought about fish in a while. right now im housing a small false perc, a small sixline wrasse and a cleaner shrimp in my 40G breeder (60G total with sump). please...
  9. mkzimms

    moving from copper back to reef

    If i were to decide to use copper instead of hypo, how would i then transfer the fish back into the reef when treatment is complete without bringing the copper back into the display?
  10. mkzimms

    unique bond between potters and sixline

    ive been noticing a very interesting behavior forming between my potters angle and my sixline wrasse. the potters has been a tank resident for about 8 months and the sixline for only 2 weeks. ever since i put the sixline in the tank, she and the angle have been best friends and even schooling...
  11. mkzimms

    Battery Backup Selection

    We're supposed to have a horrible storm tomorrow and after a few quick flickers the other night (mild wind and rain) i became a little more concerned about backing up the tank. We're about 3 blocks off the coast so a bad storm could take out power for a bit. Im looking to back up at least one...
  12. mkzimms

    new bali slimer!

    picked up a few frags from a local reefer this weekend! i was able to get my hands on some armageddon zoas, blowpop zoas, yellow w/ purple polyped birdsnest a huge chunk of montipora digitata.... and my favorite piece, this blinding green bali slimmer for $15, and boy does this thing slime...
  13. mkzimms

    Article: How does nemo find his way home?

    Here is an interesting article i came across. How does the orange clownfish — aka Nemo from the movie "Finding Nemo" — really find its way home? It turns out the colorful saltwater fish can sniff for leaves that fall into the sea from rainforests growing on the islands near their coral reef...
  14. mkzimms

    what are you feeding your 6-line wrasse?

    what are you feeding your 6-line? i just picked on up and hes picking through all my rock work and ate some mysis but what should i specifically be offering him. he wont take any formula one pellets.
  15. mkzimms

    monthly reefkeeping web radio show?

    wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a monthly reef keeping internet radio show? it always sounded like a good idea to me but im not really a "radio personality"... if anyone is interested in something like this i would be glad to host it and take care of things from the back end...
  16. mkzimms

    quick boredom shots

    heres some quick pics from my new 40g breeder. its been up about a month so im still in the moving everything over from my other tanks and a little algae phase. please note most of my stuff is still sitting on the sand bed as i havent moved anything onto the rocks yet. im running two 4x39w...
  17. mkzimms

    near death experience and lesson learned

    so i moved a hitchhiker crab i had in my seahorse tank to the sump of my reef tonight. i grabbed him with the the tongs and he was squirming so i ended up dropping him between the baffles of the sump. doh... so i spend about a half an hour trying to grab him again in between the 1" slots and...
  18. mkzimms

    Halimeda as a nitrate exporter and any issues?

    a friend just gave me a large handful of halimeda for my fuge. i was wondering if there are any issues concerning this type of macro algae like those present with the growing of caleurpa. i know the halimeda uses iodine and calcium but any problems going sexual is what i would really be...
  19. mkzimms

    sixline wrasse jumpers?

    anyone have any experience with sixlines jumping? i'd like to get one for my new tank and i am running it topless.
  20. mkzimms

    Calling All Pump ... mag7 microbubbles

    So Ive been dealing with a ridiculous micro-bubble issue in my new tank. Not normal micro-bubbles but extremely small dust size bubbles, everywhere. It looks like a dusty room the water is almost cloudy. I tried everything to get rid of them... filter socks, re-cementing all the joints...