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  1. it's chuck

    100 Gallon Tank Diary

    I started setting this tank up quite awhile ago with the original intention of it being a FLOWR tank. However plans changed and I will be setting up a 180 for that and got to set this up as a reef. It is a 100 gallon (60x18x21) tank with 4 60" T5 HO's, 30 gallon sump/fuge, Octopus NW200 skimmer...
  2. it's chuck

    Jawfish questions

    I just finished setting up my 100 gallon(60x18) and am moving the stuff from my 20 long reef into it. I am considering doing a trio of Pearly Jawfish in it and would like some feed back. My Tank has 120lbs(~3") of CaribSea Hawaiian black sand (which varies from sugar size to smooth almost marble...
  3. it's chuck

    My new Tamarin wrasse

    The is my new redtail tamarin wrasse, she is really small around two inches but eats really well (even pellet), she is in a 20 long for the next couple weeks, then she will be getting moved into a 100 gallon with everything else in the tank
  4. it's chuck

    Beaded Star info wanted

    A friends son caught a beaded star at the beach today and I couldn't find any info on them. Anybody got any info on keeping them in tanks, how big they get, are they predators or scavengers? Thanks in advance
  5. it's chuck

    Metal Halide problem. need help

    I have a Hamilton 250 watt metal halide bell pendant. I just replaced the ballast in it maybe two months ago. Before I would turn it on and it would burn in and then start to flicker and cut off. Now the light is doing it again, turns on burns in and now it doesn't even flicker it just cuts off...
  6. it's chuck

    Chrysysrus's available!

    Hope I am not crossing any lines or stepping on any toes here but I just thought I would let you guys know (clears throat and looks at Campell and Myrest) that one of the larger distributors got in an african order and Chrysurus (misspelled in thread title) angels are on the their list. You...
  7. it's chuck

    ID weird invert

    I added some LR to my 100 last night and shortly after had this thing swimming around. Very weird swimming all around, at first glance I even thought it was a minnow
  8. it's chuck

    Got a cherub

    Well my Lubbocks wrasse jumped, he managed to get out through the egg crate but not back in. Wasn't gone very long but a 250 MH will cook a fish fast. Well I had been looking at a cherub and was even considering getting rid of my bicolor blenny to bring him home. Needless to say the little guy...
  9. it's chuck

    My 20 Long

    Here are some pic of my little 20 long aspiring reef Stocklist B&W misbar pair Lubbocks Wrasse Bicolor Blenny Fireshrimp I'll add more later
  10. it's chuck

    Finally getting the 100 going!

    It took forever to get started but I finally got done staining my stand and filled 2/3 of the way up also got 120 lbs of sand and ~55lbs of rock in it already have the return just cant make my mind up on the sump yet what the stand looked before stain right now(as you can see my room is filthy)...
  11. it's chuck

    Pics of my Tank

    Since I have never posted any pics here are some from my dirty overstocked 55.
  12. it's chuck

    Encrusting Monti Q's

    is it safe to put different types of encrusting montis on the same rook or will the "fight" as the grow closer to each other?
  13. it's chuck

    Hey Ophiura got a question

    On this site it says starfish should never be exposed to air, as we speak I am acclimating a brittle star in a specimen container that I have to keep walking over to and knock him back into the specimen container because he keeps trying to climb out. we have them even come in in LR where they...
  14. it's chuck

    Angels eating aiptasia?

    I started a thread in the Fish forum and got crickets so I'm coming back here. I have a gorgeous flagfin angel(about 4" eats anything I fed like a pig) and he cleared my tank out of aiptasia. I was wondering has anyone else had or heard of angels eating aiptasia?
  15. it's chuck

    My Flagfin eats aiptasia!

    Well a couple of monthes ago I got a nice Flagfin Angel, around 4", great color, and eats everything I fed greedly. He is an awesome and gorgeous fish, I have seen him pick at the aiptasia but I assumed he was just grabbing food the aiptasia had caught. However I realised a couple days ago that...
  16. it's chuck

    Anyone in the Central FL area looking for a Regal angel?

    Anyone Interested in a large (~6") Regal angel PM me. It is a Hawian fish and is eating well.
  17. it's chuck

    Q for anyone who has or had a Potters

    I got a Potters a week ago (the day before thanksgiving) and I have got him eating. I have seen him eat a good variety of food formula one and two pellets, mysis, squid, red algea sheets, and artipods. All this to inaddition to the grazing (I have a good bit of macro and sponge( he picks at both...
  18. it's chuck

    Removing Hydroid Jellyfish

    What is the best way to remove them? Is there anything that eats them?
  19. it's chuck

    Spaghetti worms

    Looking for info on these guys, are they good, bad, neither?
  20. it's chuck

    Hypo and Maracyn plus?

    Is it safe to run Maracyn plus while in hypo? I didn't see anything on the bottle to suggest otherwise.