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  1. viet-tin


    I just got back from hawaii and had a blast but upon returning just now I had an explosion of aiptasia hundreds of tiny ones and many large ones. I need to get rid of these guys asap before they kill my coral and Ive heard that theres a few butterflies that can help but im not too sure how...
  2. viet-tin

    zoo help

    i had some very nice zoo colonies and recently their numbers have been falling. I dont see any nudis or sundials. I did a fw dip and the only things i found were limpets a few small brown olive snails asterina and brittle stars. It started from one of my smaller colonies and now spread over into...
  3. viet-tin

    snail id

    I just recently found these weird snails in my tank and have never seen them before. Theyre quite fast and not sure if these guys are good or bad. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. viet-tin

    help with brain

    I just smashed my brain coral with a rock and it now has a 1-2" gash. Darn rocks tumbled down while I was rearranging them...will it be ok? My female clown keeps picking at it but I think she was cleaning it out since she was spitting sand and small chips out. It shrunk into a small ball for...
  5. viet-tin


    Im thinking of adding a small school of anthias into my tank but not sure how to go about doing so. I know the females are hermaphroditic and will change to males when needed. So should I get all females and wait until one changes? Im thinking about getting 3 or 4 of these guys so any help or...
  6. viet-tin

    acro help

    My acro seems to be receeding underneath where it gets no light. Is this normal or is thi s a case of rtn. I just recently had a colony die of rtn has it spread to this colony as well?
  7. viet-tin

    mh questions

    Currently I have 2x 250se mhs running over my tank. My electricity bill is running on the high side so I need to cut down on the lighting. Question is will 2x150hqi 2x96pc be enough for my tank? Tank is standard 100gal 60x18x24?. Lights sit about 12" above the water but the 150s will sit much...
  8. viet-tin

    clam help

    Just purchased a crocea clam and it seems to have these weird white spots on the mantle. They started off ich size when i purchased it and I thought it was sand but when I brought it home and tried to blow it off it didnt come off...After being in my tank for a few days the spots seem to have...
  9. viet-tin

    clam help

    i have a 5-6" squamosa clam that does fine during the day when lights are on. During the nights when lights go out, the clam seems to stay open and the gap stays wide open. Is this normal?
  10. viet-tin

    Perc biting anemone

    My female perc seems to be biting pieces of my ltas tentacles off. Why is she doing this and will this kill my lta?
  11. viet-tin

    leaf fish?

    Was wondering how reef safe these things are. I dont have any small snails or ornamental shrimp but I do have some small fish. A small clown a blue damsel and a cherub angel all being a little over an inch. The leaf fish I saw was fairly small maybe 1 1/2". Will this thing eat my fish?
  12. viet-tin


    My female percula has this white pimple looking thing in her nose. I was thinking maybe lymphocystis but then its only in one spot and not spots...but then again I could be wrong. I notice the thing after my anemone got chopped by my tunze. She is eating well and swims well along with her mate...
  13. viet-tin

    id please

    I found these small flat things on my clam. Could these be the cause of the pinching?
  14. viet-tin

    Clam question

    I have a crocea and one part of the mantle seems to be folding in. At first i thought it was my flow so i moved it and the rest of the mantle opened up but just that one part still seems to be folded inward. Is something wrong with my clam?What do I do to fix it? My other clam seems to be doing...
  15. viet-tin

    Ritteri anemone?

    Im thinking of getting a ritteri anemone and need to know as much as i can before i purchase it. I wont be getting it anytime soon maybe within a few months or so my tank is only 5 months right now. I have 2x250w mh 14,000k bulbs for my lighting. As for flow i have a tunze stream 6080, 2...
  16. viet-tin

    Tank is 4 months old

    Here are some updated pics of my tank. I know my cam isnt the greatest so sorry for the blurry pics.
  17. viet-tin

    attn mbrands

    heres whats behind the wall.
  18. viet-tin

    pair of oce and pair of skunks?

    Would it be ok to put a pair of ocellaris clwons and a pair of pink skunks in the same tank? I have a 100gallon and was wondering if i could have both pairs in my tank.
  19. viet-tin

    overflow bubbles

    Is there anyway to get rid of those? Im thinking of using a micron sock but is there anythings else i can do to make them go away?
  20. viet-tin

    Hydroid help...

    IM starting to get a lot of hydroids on my rocks. Lately ive been seeing their stingy stuff spreading all over my rocks. Is tere anyway to get rid of them?