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  1. oceanjumper

    Got Southdown/Yardright Tropical Sand for sale?

    I have been looking everywhere. Has this sand disappeared from all the regional stores?? Does anyone know an online source, please PM. Or, is any one willing to sell me some? Thanks
  2. oceanjumper

    And then there were eggs....

    OK, so my percula's just started spawning today; a beautiful orange layer... And, obviously just now I have to disassemble the tank and move in 4 weeks! Please tell me it was going to be an illusion anyway to raise the fry in a reef tank (or even have the spawn hatched)?
  3. oceanjumper

    Lighting options. Please cast your vote/experience

    Hi all, I am looking to upgrade to a 180 gl soon. So far I have been using VHO (JBJ Formosa DX) on my 72 gl BF and grow softies quite well. On my new 180 I would like to have MH only or a MH/VHO combination. I do like to have clams and stonies some day. I am looking at these choices: 1)...
  4. oceanjumper

    Lighting for 180 gl ? Please cast vote/opinion

    Hi all, I am looking to upgrade to a 180 gl soon. So far I have been using VHO (JBJ Formosa DX) on my 72 gl BF and grow softies quite well. On my new 180 I would like to have MH only or a MH/VHO combination. I do like to have clams and stonies some day. I am looking at these choices: 1)...
  5. oceanjumper

    Looking for >150 gl tank in NC

    Moving soon into larger home and looking for new/additional tank: >150 gl (preferably with stand). Please let me know if you have one for sale and the $$$ you want for it.
  6. oceanjumper

    NC Reefers! Corals for trade/sale

    NC Reefers attention! I have 2 awesome torch corals, one hammer coral, one red brain, one rock covered with leather and tons of mushroom, zoo's & polyps. They all have been cultivated in my tank except for the brain & hammer. I am selling b/c I just don't have enough space any more in my 72 gl...
  7. oceanjumper

    Acclimation of 2 new fish from SWF

    I just ordered a Tiger Goby and an Orange Shoulder Tang via SWF. I assume they will come in two separate bags (but am not sure). To acclimate them, using their recommened drip method, can I cut both bags into the same bucket and start the process? Or, is it recommended to acclimate them in...
  8. oceanjumper

    Ode to my old SWF pals

    Hey guys, It's been a while I have been on the site... Been busy I guess, or, perhaps because things have been going so great with the tank. My tank is currently more beautiful than ever and I realized I could not have reached this level of enjoyment if it wasn't for all the advise I got from...
  9. oceanjumper

    Really nice frags

    I got a few really nice frags in today. Well, at least I think so. My "problem" is, they are glued to stone pegs (you can see the pegs on the pic's). My tank is still pretty new and I don't have a lot of hiding places for the pegs. Also, I don't think I like have those pegs open, plain visible...
  10. oceanjumper

    Gravity meter

    I was wondering, is it okay to leave a gravity meter continuously under water? I have one of those boxes (SeaTest Specific Gravity Meter). Thx
  11. oceanjumper

    Cucumber QT for Bang Guy

    Bang Guy, In an other post in the Reef section you mention a filter feeding cucumber could cause a massive fish die-off. My heart froze! I just added one to the main tank, and one to my refuge two days ago. Can you please be more specific. Are they a serious threath? Is this false alarm? As...
  12. oceanjumper

    Anyone ever had a yellowtail Fang Blenny?

    YELLOWTAIL FANG BLENNY aka LYRETAIL FANG BLENNY aka FORKTAIL BLENNY Saw one at LFS today! Absolutely gorgeous. I read it is venomous to other (predatory) fish but it is well suitable for reef tanks. Anyone ever had one? What were/are the experiences? ANy recommendations? Thx.
  13. oceanjumper

    dKH keeps dropping

    I (think I) understand the principles of dKH and calcium levels. While my Ca level remains pretty constant at 400 ppm, my dKH keeps dropping. Almost 1 degree every three days. I use Reef Builder from Seachem to make up for it (a loaded teaspoon every 2-3 days). Is this continuous dropping...
  14. oceanjumper

    Slightly OT: visit my newbee's website!

    Hey~ I just spend three hours making this.... Please take a look! LOL Cheers, Marc
  15. oceanjumper

    Modification of overflow box

    I have a sump and I want to add a refuge to my setup. I want to let gravity do it all, so that water from the main tank falls partly into the refuge (~20%), partly into the sump (80%). The water from the refuge will eventually also drain into the sump, and a CAP 2200 return pump is sitting in...
  16. oceanjumper

    For Nickoz

    As requested. I am loving my 72 bowfront with matching stand and JBJ Formosa PC
  17. oceanjumper

    New refuge setup issues...

    Guys ~ and especially Broomer5 (you have been the largest inspirator for my intentions). I have a 72 gl display tank with a 15 gl sump. As you can see in the picture I have made a little rack on the left in the stand where I can put the white container at the bottom for automatic top-off water...
  18. oceanjumper

    Another question for the experts. What polyps?

    What kind of polyps are these? Couldn't find these in my reference book either.... :( I moved the polyps in my tank and a bunch of them closed. I hope this will be temporally. Have you had this before? Picture some time ago
  19. oceanjumper

    Question for the experts: Xenia yes/no?

    Is this a Xenia? I couldn't find it in my book CORALS - Quick Reference Guide by Julian Sprung. Furthermore, when I got it (three weeks ago), it was almost continuously opening and closing its "hands". Currently, they stay open all the time. Is this normal? This picture was from some time ago
  20. oceanjumper

    How many peppermint shrimp?

    I noticed I got a few umbrellas of aptaisa. Not knowingly, initially I thought it was cool: free anemones! However, one month later, more knowledge, it is advised to get rid of them ASAP. So, I wonder, should I use kalkwasser or use peppermint shrimp. I did a search on this forum but no thread...