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  1. triga22

    Havent been on here since 2008! Any of the regulars still on here?

    Hows it going everyone I havent posted since 2008 and I used to be a regular back then. Whats up!
  2. triga22

    "Zero Emissions Cars"

    I dont understand these "Zero Emissions Cars". The chevy volt runs on battery power. Where is the energy coming to power these cars? Correct me if I am wrong but I think gas powered turbines which have emissions?
  3. triga22

    Drain Noise problem

    I have a 75 gallon reef ready tank. I just set it up today and it makes a lot of noise. The durso , I believe is not the problem. The air gets inside the tube and has no way of escaping and gets in my sump. It creates a lot of bubbles in the sump and is not quiet. Are there any solutions? Thanks
  4. triga22

    DIY Durso Standpipe for 75AGA

    If anyone has pictures and or plans on a standpipe for a 75 all glass aquarium tank please post them. I have looked at a few sites and they say what I need but not length or where the water level should be. Thank you
  5. triga22

    TriGa22's 75 Reef

    My 29 gallon only has a few more weeks left in it and then the 75 will become a reef. Here are some pictures of the lights and the tank with nothing in it. Tek T5 HO 6 Bulb Aquarium
  6. triga22

    How do you learn your SPS quickly?

    I would like a good website or thread on SPS. I have never kept any so I didn't need to know anything. Now that I am in the fish business I would like to know what I am talking about. Thank you.
  7. triga22

    I got a job!

    I know some of you who have been here when I first got here when I was 13. Well now I thought that I would let you guys know that I got a job at a local fish store near me. I'm glad that I have learned a lot form you all and I now get to share it with the community. If you live in GA please come...
  8. triga22

    Which is more reef safe?

    I know that it depends on the exact specimen, but I really would like to know personal experience/ what would you rather have me get for my reef tank.
  9. triga22

    Setting up a 75

    Around Christmas time I would like to set up a 75 gallon. I do have a few questions which I will post next to my equipment list. Mag-Float Medium Purigen 100 ml. w/ mesh bag Filter Floss 14 oz Special Grade Reef Sand 40 lbs (Do you recommend this or the olite sand?) Vinyl Tubing...
  10. triga22


    I have flooded my house twice this week because of the thing. I left it on overnight. Is there a way that I can have the waste water still be saved? Last two times its gone wrong and overflowed the washing machine.
  11. triga22

    Skip Caray

    I was surprised to not see a thread on him. I went to the tribute 2 nights ago and I was just in shock. Not that I found out that he passed away, but thats when it hit me. The videos seemed very emotional. He will truly be missed by his family, Braves fans, and not only Braves fans, but anyone...
  12. triga22

    The world has a 1 in 50million chance of coming to an end Very very interesting but it does come with a price.
  13. triga22

    Flow in a 75

    What type and how many Korilia's would you put in a 75 gallon reef?
  14. triga22

    Re-Plumbing my tank, what do you think?

    I would like to redo my plumbing for just my output. Im using PVC and a mag-5 to push the water back into my tank. I have an elbow and thats it. I would like to switch over to 1'' black vinyl tubing and then put it on a tee connector and have to inputs where there is a directional U-tube. Please...
  15. triga22

    How do you hook up a hydor to a biocube?

    Mine wont fit on my biocube 8.
  16. triga22

    RO Filter change gone wrong

    I changed my filters in the RO water filter and I turned it on for a few mins to get it primed. Now when I shut the faucet off every other second it pumps out water from the membranes. It literally shoots them out like a gun. Its making a mess of water all over the place. I have had them drain...
  17. triga22

    Hair aglea

    What eats it? How do I kill it?
  18. triga22

    Where do you sit to watch, or take pictures of your tank?

    What do you sit on? A leather seat, Couch, Chair, Floor, Stand, Salt Bucket? What? Whats the view like?
  19. triga22

    Is it possible to delete a screen name?

    I just thought that when you create a name here they usually are already taken. With 44,000 members and only mabye 10,000 active then is there a way to delete all of the old 34,000 members that havent been on or only have one post that was spam or something like that? If they want to come back...
  20. triga22

    Putting fans in an eight gallon biocube.

    How could I get this to work? Basicly I would like to install 2 computer fans into the hood of my tank, but I dont know how to do it or what to buy, please help me.