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  1. truperc


    For those that are using tongs, can you tell me which brand you like? I believe there was one brand that had multiple attachments. Is that a good type? What one is that?
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    Flame Hawkfish and your Inverts

    Besides shrimp, what other inverts are Flame Hawkfish at risk of targeting? Cucumbers? Snails? Hermits? Stars?
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    Adding Livestock - Success Timelines

    I am interested when people breathe a moderate sigh of relief that there new addition has been added successfully to their tank. I am excluding all of the extranous variables that can cut the lifespan of our livestock short and asking about "if it survives for # months, then it made it past the...
  4. truperc

    What's Your Favorite Books??

    I am looking for peoples favorite books on all things Reef. General Setup Fish Inverts Corals Algae Etc...... Particularly interested in books you still use today, or recently, as I have noticed some books seem to have dated information.
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    Nerite Snails - I have read they tend to sit at the top of your glass, and if you have an open top they will climb out. Accurate? Bumble Bee Snails - I have read they have questionable reef safety. Any experience with these? Turbo Snails - There seem to be several species of snails labeled...
  6. truperc

    Starfish Exposed to Air

    I have read several times that a starfish exposed to air has a higher mortality rate. Can someone explain why this would be? I read that an air bubble can become trapped in the mouth, but it seemed unlikely to me that a starfish could not release an air bubble.
  7. truperc

    Kati Ani Anyone?

    I know the RO/DI units are the typical water filtration method for least in the U.S. I do like the concept of no/minimal waste water with a Kati Ani unit, and no filters to purchase. Anyone using these? Downsides (other than caustic chemicals for regen)?
  8. truperc

    My newest Reef Gadget is Great!!!!

    This is a "pay it forward" post. I recently was told about this product that I could attach to my mag float called the Reef Gadget. This product has made my life so much easier, I thought it worth letting others know about it. You simply attach it to your mag float, and it makes short work of...
  9. truperc

    Hitchhiker FAQ

    I like this link for some of the more common good and bad hitchhikers. Thought I would share
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    Bi-Color Mushroom

    Picked up this Bi-Color Mushroom at MACNA
  11. truperc

    Clown hosting with Xenia and GBTA

    Thought I would share a pic of one of my clowns hosting my Xenia. Clown hosting my GBTA.
  12. truperc

    How are you de-plugging your frags?

    There are times when a plug is much more of a nuisance than a help. I am wondering if there are techniques to taking frags off of plugs, or is it mostly just a cut or break operation?
  13. truperc

    Macna Xxi

    MACNA is about a month away. The speakers are great, and there will be raffles every day. And there will be workshop demonstrations on the trade floor. Definitely looking forward to going.
  14. truperc

    Coral ID help

    Wanted to know if someone can identify this coral? Soft and wavy. May be some type of gorgo, but I have never seen this type. Looks brown in pics, but is really more pink.
  15. truperc

    Id Please - Not sure if I need to be concerned

    Can someone help me with an id on this?
  16. truperc

    Maxima Placement Help

    I have bought a Maxima clam, and was planning to place it on my rock work. The guy at the LFS suggested I put it on the sand. He said they are more prone to a bacterial disease on the rock work. ORA and others say the rock work. I am prone to go with rock work rather than the guy at the LFS...
  17. truperc

    Adding Live Rock to active tank

    I am planning to add some more live rock to my tank, but I have some concerns. First, the tank already has a decent amount in it, so I do not want to kill anything. Second, I will probably be shifting some of the rock already in place which is buried partly by the sand. Concerns of a nasty...
  18. truperc

    Best methods for coral temp placement

    I tend to be a mover of my corals. This is primarily because I am relatively new to corals, and I am taking some time researching and adding new additions. A lot of my rock is not flat, which makes coral placement a bit of a challenge (CUC not helping here). Are there ways others are securing...
  19. truperc

    Ultra Grade Clam

    I am looking to get a nice clam with good color. It seems that the Ultra grade clams are very hard to come by. Any suggestions on how to find a nice Ultra grade clam? I am also debating between Crocea and Maxima. I understand the difference in possible inches, but I am also interested in the...
  20. truperc

    Protein Skimmer in Overflow?

    I have two overflow chambers, and I am interested to know if there is an issue with placing a skimmer inside one of the chambers. It will need to be a relatively small footprint, possibly a Tunze 9005.