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  1. zeromus-x

    Restarting a 36g bow front from scratch

    Got it. I will try the laptop trick and see what happens. If the back is not tempered, about how far down should I drill? And would I still use a baffle? Our 75g at work is drilled on the bottom, and it uses a large plastic baffle in the corner to only allow the water to drain to a certain...
  2. zeromus-x

    Restarting a 36g bow front from scratch

    I don't have a clue who the manufacturer is anymore and the place i bought it from is out of business. But I am almost certain that there was a sticker that said it was tempered glass. Otherwise it would have been drilled a long time ago. And i sure hate to find out the hard way!! I never...
  3. zeromus-x

    Restarting a 36g bow front from scratch

    I don't think I can drill it. It's all glass, and when I first purchased it, the store didn't seem too keen on the idea. I'd hate to shatter the whole thing. That said, I'd obviously prefer it drilled, since the shape of it lends itself to being drilled in the back corner and drilling my stand...
  4. zeromus-x

    Restarting a 36g bow front from scratch

    A few years back, I had a 36g bow front set up in my living room. When I moved, I tore the whole thing down, moved the fish and live rock to a 75g at work, and never got around to setting it back up. I've decided recently to get it back up and running. Except this time, I'd like to do it...
  5. zeromus-x

    Has there been any advancement in LED lighting yet?

    The 36" Aquaillumination units are $1,890.00. The Colorstrips I'm referring to are the same size for $200 bucks. Even a pair of them is almost a fifth of the cost.
  6. zeromus-x

    Has there been any advancement in LED lighting yet?

    Originally Posted by SCSInet If I were you, I'd give this a try. An experiment with a few frags would certainly help us get some sort of empirical data on how this type of thing would work. I (and I know others here) would certainly love to see how this works out. I never thought of looking...
  7. zeromus-x

    Has there been any advancement in LED lighting yet?

    Wow, I'd have figured that at least someone here would have experience with this!
  8. zeromus-x

    Has there been any advancement in LED lighting yet?

    I asked this question probably a year or two ago here, and was going to bump up that thread, but the search won't let you search for "LED" -- too small of a word. As I posted on another board, I'm going to have a spare aquarium available, a ~34 gallon bowfront. I'm interested in LED technology...
  9. zeromus-x

    Removing aiptasia in an empty tank

    I'm in the middle of moving everything from my bowfront ~34gal tank to the 75gal at work. I've moved a good amount of my live rock but the tank at work has a small aiptasia problem. Not really a "problem" because there's no coral in there and the boss "likes having a few of them in the tank"...
  10. zeromus-x

    Killing aiptasia in a rock-only tank?

    Once we get the tank at work settled I'll be moving all my fish into it (36g to a 75g). At that point I've got an empty tank with a ton of live rock and more aiptasia than you could shake a needle full of boiling water at. I bought one of those "aiptasia killer" things that comes with a syringe...
  11. zeromus-x

    dwarf lionfish planning

    My experience -- When I bought my dwarf lion, he was about the size of a quarter. He was put into an established tank with a small clownfish, two engineer gobies about 5" long each, and a toby puffer about 2-3". Oh yeah, and a tiny yellowtail damsel that refused to ever die and survived every...
  12. zeromus-x

    Can't find my fish in tank

    Think that's bad? I had a 3.75" clownfish disappear in my home tank. That's a big ass fish to disappear in a 36 gallon tank! Checked everywhere and the [hr] is just gone. The only other thing in the tank is a spiny puffer (who will be moved to the 75 gal as soon as my other problem is...
  13. zeromus-x

    Fish keep dying in an established tank

    Hey guys... didn't know where to post this, so I figured this was my best bet. We've had a 75-gallon tank set up here at work for almost four years now. Before that, it was up and running for probably ten years. Nice tank, drilled, we're running another tank with filtration under it (bio-balls...
  14. zeromus-x

    Beach sand?

    Nevermind, search was down (gave me a "Page cannot be displayed") and it's working now, and I see this topic has been discussed to death already. Thanks!
  15. zeromus-x

    Beach sand?

    Probably a stupid question, but if I'm looking for a small amount of sand (figure less than 30 pounds), could I use sand at the beach? I live right off the Atlantic Ocean and scooping up a bucket of it would be easy enough. A bucket of wet sand should be more than enough, and I'd think it'd be...
  16. zeromus-x

    LED aquarium lighting?

    Has anyone really tried using an LED system to light a reef tank yet? I've been doing a little searching around online and haven't seen anything -- mostly reports that nothing was really available yet, from 2000 or so -- so I'm curious to know if anyone has given it a shot. LEDs at this point...
  17. zeromus-x

    Aiptasia in a tank with a Puffer

    I've recently gotten a huge Aiptasia outbreak. Never had this problem before, ever, and now within the past 2-3 weeks I've spotted at least two dozen of the things in my tank. This tank has been up for probably close to three years now. I don't have many corals, but would like to get rid of...
  18. zeromus-x

    All kinds of weird things in a little 10-gallon "pre-refugium"

    Originally Posted by hot883 The little feather dusters are awesome filter feeders and will not get any bigger. The "stomatella "snail is a great to have to item too. Sounds like a great environment. Wish I knew what I was doing "right" with it! Like I said, just dumped water from my main...
  19. zeromus-x

    All kinds of weird things in a little 10-gallon "pre-refugium"

    I purchased a 10g for use as a sump/refugium for my main 36g bowfront tank. Bought about fifteen pounds of live rock for it locally. Left the live rock in my main tank for about two weeks. During that time I used the water from my main tank to fill up the 10g, and dumped a few inches of live...
  20. zeromus-x

    New pictures: 36g bowfront corner reef

    The one on the right of the picture is a blue-spotted hawaiian toby/puffer. At the bottom peeking out of the rocks is an engineer goby. I'll be getting rid of them this weekend -- they're a pair, have been in the tank since I first got it, but they're almost 8" apiece now and that's WAY...