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  1. fishaholic

    Dx 24 the way to go or what?

    I have been looking at this tank and thinking about scratching my idea to build up my tank that i currently have (not set up or anything). It looks like this tank is fairly easy to get going with for the price. Any recomendations on the return pump as far as what to replace it with? Is it...
  2. fishaholic

    Help me build

    Hey i am slowly getting into the hobby and want to start with a nano 20 gal. 20 gal is what i have already + i cant really afford a big tank until i get out of school. I am going to school for radiology and want to start working a setup slowly. I really dont care how fast it comes together...
  3. fishaholic

    Wet/dry filter

    Anybody know a good place to get a wet-dry filter for a 75 gal reef? Any good Brands recommended? Thanks in advance.