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  1. johnny5

    EMERGENCY, advice please.

    Thanks for the tips everyone, I have decided that a chiller may be too much work for right now, other priorities have slapped me in the face. This thing is aimed right for us! I do have all the supplies ready incase I need to build a chiller after it hits. Thanks for the tip about copper, I was...
  2. johnny5

    EMERGENCY, advice please.

    I live in florida and theres a +50% chance frances is going to hit hard here. And I live in an apartment complex so a generator is not allowed.. Does anyone have advise on keeping the temp down in my tank? It bakes here 85-90 degrees during the day. Its only a 46 bow with a small refuge. I am...
  3. johnny5

    long tenticle anemone not sticking

    Lta's like the sand, or atleast next to something in the sand ime. Try not to hurt its foot (attaching/detaching from rocks will do it) or you may have difficulties getting it to anchor down at all. Try a spot next to a rock with good light and flow, then let it move where it wants. My lta took...
  4. johnny5

    would a temp of between 78-81 be ok for xenia?

    Yep, you should have no problems with that. My temp floats between 77-80 and my xenia is growing like crazy. I had a/c problems about 2 weeks ago and they stayed open up til around 83-84 degrees. It peaked at 85 and they looked real bad for about 3 hours. BTW: If your a/c goes out, check your...
  5. johnny5

    !!~Future reef~!!

    I have 2x96w (96w 10k, 96w 50/50 w/03) on my 46 bow, imo what I have is about the bare minimum for keeping a healthy anemone. If your anemone does not regain its zooanthellae it will starve eventually. And if you dont know what zooanthellae is, you may want to consider taking it back before it...
  6. johnny5

    Sun coral

    Sun coral do have polyps that come out at night. During the day they look like a butt and are hard (leathery to the touch), but at night they open up and look like bright yellow zoo almost. Mine come out about an inch at night. I feed them brine and zooplankton mostly, each polyp must be fed or...
  7. johnny5

    mantis predator???

    Oh and if you miss him and he gets the pellet, syphon the hole some to get the food back lol. I did this about 3-4 times before I finally caught him. I lack patience so this method worked great for me.
  8. johnny5

    mantis predator???

    I used the syphon method and it worked. I got some 1inch clear vynal hose and positioned the rock were I could make a 90 degree curve in the tubing. Then I put a couple pieces of pellet food in the tube a few inches from the end... when he tried to grab the food, I sucked on the tube and bingo...
  9. johnny5

    Xenia Dieing?

    xenia do not need much light at all to survive (survive not florish), I have some under a ledge near the sand that get hardly any light at all (I only have 2x96, 46bow). They are much smaller than their fragged brothers, but they still pulse and stay open. It was an accident that they attached...
  10. johnny5

    Xenia help

    What other types of coral do you have Cheeto? Bang, would more frequent water changes help normalize the levels? I have yet to have to battle with calcium/alk yet, probably because I dont have anything that is eats up calcium yet. But from a newbie point of view just doing regular water changes...
  11. johnny5

    interesting TDS reading

    I got an "aqua safe" reef model off of ----, it works great. <1.0 tds, I use it daily for topoffs. Its been flawless for 4 months, very affordable too.
  12. johnny5

    New Atlantic Anemone - Does he sting?

    Viper, I didn't say to feed everyday forever lol. I usually only feed my anemones once or twice a week tops. I was just talking about initally, it seemed to help that I fed my lta very small amounts everyday for about a week.. until it started getting sticky and responsive again. Obviously...
  13. johnny5

    New Atlantic Anemone - Does he sting?

    2x96w csl pc, 46 bow (1x10k/1x03 actinic, not the crappy 7k blue blub). Some people would even say that what I have is not sufficent. Both of my anemones were bleached when I got them and both have made a full turn around and are very dark in color now (my LTA was very close to death, it took...
  14. johnny5

    New Atlantic Anemone - Does he sting?

    More recent photo..
  15. johnny5

    New Atlantic Anemone - Does he sting?

    That looks like a condy (Condylactis) to me. They are pretty easy to keep, but beware because they like to roam. I feed with silversides, squid, krill, brine, and fresh seafood every once and awhile. Here is a pic of mine, this is an old pic tho (3 months or so ago). Mine almost doubled in size...
  16. johnny5

    Blennie Question

    If he was in shock he would probably be gasping for oxygen/breathing really hard. LMB's are very shy too, mine took about 2 weeks before he would start comming out to graze algae during the day. And if I walk up to the tank too fast he still retreats to the hole he sleeps in, very very timid...
  17. johnny5

    tell me this is not a bristle worm

    IME bristle worms only eat things that are dead or dying. Im no expert but I had some sick star polyps that hitchhiked on a piece of LR and they cleaned only the dead parts and the rest grew back. I thought at first they were eating (got really bummed and mad) them but they didn't touch them...
  18. johnny5

    Algae problem in 10 gallon

    Bigarn, disregard the morons... One day they will realize they are a 50 yr old loser living all alone because they never learned how to make friends... Your levels seem fine. It could be the phosphates tho, even .1 is still enough to feed algae. Also, algae traps phosphates so your actual amount...
  19. johnny5

    What are the chances?

    First I would like to say: People are here to help, not to dis you. We have all made mistakes and we try to learn from them. When someone says you need more light, they are not saying it to make fun or point fingers. They just want to help you give your critters the best possible chance for...
  20. johnny5

    power compacts for anemone

    I have a condy and an LTA in a 46 bow, under a 2x96 csl pc. 3 months is by no means success but the condy has doubled in size and the LTA went from being 100% transparent/white to dark green in color. I was really worried about the lta when we "rescued" it from a retarded lfs. It has grown quite...