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  1. dmschiff

    Can I/ Should I switch to T5's?

    I will try to ask intelligent questions, but honestly don't understand lighting very well. Currently I have a Hamilton 2x175 MH with 2x55CF. I believe they are about 3-4 years old. (WE bought it used about 2 years ago. )The CF completely stopped working. So My husband tested them, said the...
  2. dmschiff

    Ich paranoia-anyway to know without a doubt it is gone?

    I'm paranoid that I didn't perfectly complete hypo. I started to lower salinity from 1.025 but stopped at 1.018 because my kids were sick & needed my attention. Anyhow I let it stay at 1.18 for about a week and then lowered it from1.018 to 1.09 over the next 48 hours. I have about another...
  3. dmschiff

    Hypo question concerning ammonia?

    I have a 10 gal QT with a yellow tang. I hoped to have him in my 120 by now, but black ick and possible brook surfaced. So, I gave him formalin baths and started lowering SG for Hypo. The SG has been at 1.009 for about a week now, but the ammonia is starting to rise. I keep changing the...
  4. dmschiff

    Clown w/Brook and yellow tang in QT need advice please

    I purchased a false perc clown and a yellow tang at Christmas. Placed them in a 10 gallon QT that has been running for months. The clown looked fine at time of purchase the tang was skinny and had a very slight white spots on fin. Clown started t eat the 2nd day and the tang took a few days...
  5. dmschiff

    Need refugium light that won't rust

    Any suggestion for a quick light for my refugium. roughly 13x18 Currently I have a 23w flourescent clip on light. It has been working fine, but the light fixture is rusting and starting to drip rust into water. I know others here have used a light from home depot. Please list any...
  6. dmschiff

    New punctato butterfly breathing rapidly

    Just received a a flame angel, Pajama cardinal and a Punctato Butterfly, yesterday and placed them in QT. Drip aclimated them for about 3 hours The flame angel and PJ cardinal seem fine. About 2 hours after the Punctato was added he started to lie on his side off and on. That didn't concern...
  7. dmschiff

    Is my star fish dead?

    I've had an orange linckia for about the past 6 months. Seemed to be fine. But, the last 2 days seemed to slump in the corner and is now more or less a blob. I think he is up side down. I believe a small part of his leg is missing, but can't be certain. I assumed the fish or crabs would be all...
  8. dmschiff

    Anemone splitting or sick???

    The last few days I noticed a few hermit crabs hanging close to our BTA. Originally I thought it was trying to get the anemone's food. Today, the BTA looked great all sprawled out, not bubbled, but very full. An hour later, the mouth was wide open. Kind of slit like, but at least 3-4 inches...
  9. dmschiff

    missing conch?

    Our fighting conch is missing. I haven't seen him for a 1 week or two. I know they bury in the sand. Is this common? How long will they stay under the sand?
  10. dmschiff

    E39 mogul base-What does this mean?

    Attempting to replace my Hamilton 175w MH bulbs with an other brand. This brand states that it fits E 39 mogul base. Is this a standard size? I've read that their is an E39 European and an E40 US and they are ususally interchangable. Does anyone know if this is true? I just want to be...
  11. dmschiff

    MH bulb advice please?

    Can anyone give me som advice about new bulbs? Currently running 2x175w 14K Hamilton MH with 2x55w actinek CF. They were old when I got them so not sure what they should really look like. The Actinics are bluer than I like, (didn't know what I was doing when ordered) so I'm stuck with them...
  12. dmschiff

    ID please!

    NOticed this a few weeks ago , but just recently saw the hole in it. Looks as though something hatched. Originally I thought is was a small shell that came with my ls, but it reminds me of some type of cacoon, sack or something. It's about 1/2 inch wide and basically looks like a very thin...
  13. dmschiff

    maxima clam questions

    Need to know maxima clam requirements and what to expect. Behaviors etc. What do they look like when happy and thriving and what to watch for when they are declining. I have 2 175 w metal halides and 2 55 w CF on a 120 gal. med flow, but need to know more about feeding, and all other...
  14. dmschiff

    Help please!Flame angel arrived in ammonia water- acclimate or not?

    Received my flame angel today. Water smelled funny so I decided to test. Ammonia is 1.0-2.0. I immediately added amquel, but not sure if I should continue to acclimate for 3 hours or is it safer to just add to fish qt. I;m thinking the stress from ammonia is worse than stress from quick to no...
  15. dmschiff

    clam and star qt question

    I just ordered a maxima clam and an orange linckia. I know it is best to QT everything, but doubt my qt is sufficient for these critters. I have MH on the DT but the qt is a dinky little 5 gallon with a 15 w bulb. Should I attempt to qt them and watch them carefully or should I just...
  16. dmschiff

    Are all bulbs created equal?

    May be a dumb question but wondered if the bulbs I found are too good to be true. Recently found some 175 w 14K metal halides on that big [hr] site. They are about half the price of Hamilton. Shouldn't they all work the same? Is there a quality factor of a decreased life expectancy that...
  17. dmschiff

    Fluke, parasite, velvet or what on my clown?

    Wondering if I have a parasite, velvet, fluke or what? How should I treat? Noticed my clown seems to be lying in his corner more this past week. He sleeps there every night but seems to be hanging out there and not as active as normal. Last night I noticed a spot on his side between second...
  18. dmschiff

    Another nitrate question!!!

    I'm trying to rid my nitrate problem. Unfortunately I do use tap water. ( working on a rodi) My water always tests 0 nitrates out of the tap. Recently I tested it 2-3 days after it was mixed and it reads 5-10. Ammonia is 0 and Nitrite is 0. the nitrates in my DT are usually around 20 and...
  19. dmschiff

    How long can water sit before using for water change?

    I know water should be mixed at least 24 hours prior to using for a water change. My question is: once mixed how soon should it be used? 2 days?1 week??????
  20. dmschiff

    cleaner clam --never seen

    Last week I added 1 cleaner clam to the DT and 1 to the fuge. Within minutes they buried themselves in the sand and haven't surfaced since----not even their siphon tube. Is this normal? Should I try to find them?