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  1. cruzan277

    My tank needs a new home.

    125 Gallon and Stand up and running for 3 years in Maryland Lighting includes - 2X175 Watt Metal Halide Fixture and two 125 watt power compacts. Fish Include - 1 Purple Tang, 1 Powder Blue tang, 1 tennent tang, 1 mated pair clown fish, 3 xl green chromises, 1 madarin Goby. 1 Cleaner Shrimp...
  2. cruzan277

    Questions and Concerns about UV

    I am sure some of the other guys who have more experience will be able to add to what I am about to say but a UV sterilizer IMHO is great for any type tank. "The UV sterilizer is a tool used by many marine aquarists to combat and kill harmful, waterborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, and small...
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    Thanks for the info. Always good to learn something new...
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    I have been reading many post and the word snowstorm keeps coming up. What exactly is it? I know it has something to do with calcium but thats about it.
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    what is a sump people?

    Sump filters are generally used by advanced aquarists who maintain large tanks but this should not deter you from utilizing one for your show tank set up. Sump filters, although commercially available, are usually home made. They consist of a series of containers (sumps), normally small...
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    My New Addition

    Thanks he is kinda cool. Sometimes he sees himself in the side class and wants to fight then swims off and hides and comes right back. Funny to look at some time.
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    Little Sponges

    Last week a read a post about little sponges I decided to post a pic so that people can see what mine looks like and tell me if everything is ok.
  8. cruzan277

    Help me Start Right, what fish and corals?

    I have a coral beauty and sometimes I have to keep and eye on him to make sure he is not pestering any corals. Stay away from the large angels they will pick at your corals. Since your lighting is not to powerfull there is a company called tropicorium that can put together a low light package...
  9. cruzan277

    Who here uses GARLIC?

    I use 2 drops Kent Garlic Extreme in the food before I give it to the little fishies. Mostly as a preventative measure and to boost their resistance against disease. So Far so good. [ December 10, 2001: Message edited by: Cruzan277 ]
  10. cruzan277

    My New Addition

    This guy was added to my tank about 3 weeks ago. Everything is going great. Just wanted to share
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    Corals and lighting

    How long has your tank been up. What are specs(tank etc etc etc)and water parameters. This will help everyone to help you.
  12. cruzan277

    new reef going up

    Your starting on the right track. Just a suggestion if you know you want a certain hight to your substrate do it the first time. You can put in more aragonite which is cheaper the live sand you add will seed it. As for as Live Rock, if you can find somewhere that sells man made rock (I know...
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    Adding Live Rock to Established 125 Gallon

    Thanks guys for all the suggestions.
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    I want your old/used WET/DRY Filter!!

    Not selling my sump but have a 5 gallon full of bio balls wouldnt mind getting rid of.
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    Post email address.
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    Adding Live Rock to Established 125 Gallon

    Hey guys I would like to add about 45 pounds more LR to my 90 that I have in my 125 Gallon. I know I cant just place it in there so how do I go about adding this rock without causing major problems?
  17. cruzan277

    Can I add a Purple Tang to this tank

    Thanks for the responses. I think I will not add another tang. Better safe than sorry. All my food is soaked in Zoe/Garlic extreme before feeding.(EVERYTHING)
  18. cruzan277

    Can I add a Purple Tang to this tank

    Hey guys was just wondering if my tank is maxed out or not. I currently have a 125 gallon tank here are its occupants. 3 Anthias 2 Tomato Clowns 1 Coral Beauty 1 Six line Wrasse 1 Cleaner wrasse 1 Red Sea Sailfin Tang(this guy is a little skitish since he has only been in my tank about a week...
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    fish for cycling new tank...please help

    Sorry I have not replied. Been busy lately. I cant post the url but send me and email to and I will give you the link. There is a company called GARF dont remember exactly what is stands for. But the garf grunge is like a live sand activator. If you give them a...
  20. cruzan277

    fish for cycling new tank...please help

    My untimate suggestion is to go to Garf and by some of there Garf Grunge. This stuff is awesome and it can stay in the tank. My 125 gallon cycled in three days. My nitrates and nitrites have been at 0 since that time. Just my 2cents