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  1. johnny5

    EMERGENCY, advice please.

    I live in florida and theres a +50% chance frances is going to hit hard here. And I live in an apartment complex so a generator is not allowed.. Does anyone have advise on keeping the temp down in my tank? It bakes here 85-90 degrees during the day. Its only a 46 bow with a small refuge. I am...
  2. johnny5

    Newbie 4 pack, testing easyshare dx4900

    PomPom Xenia, Sp Umbellata?
  3. johnny5

    Building a small xenia fuge

    Couple questions: -Would 40w PC be sufficent lighting for a 20" hob fuge? (20"x5"x12") or would 2x40w/1x96w(quad bulb) be better? The xenia would be sitting roughly 8-10" from the waterlevel. -Are there any species that would fair better? I have access to 4 types here locally (pompom, true blue...
  4. johnny5

    Is this a condy?

    I nabbed this guy at the lfs for $3 last week, they had about 20 of them most of which seemed to be having problems (most of their tentacles were damaged). The one I picked out had some damage but was a nice color. It didn't look that great when I first introduced it (hence the discount), but it...
  5. johnny5

    Id please, if possible

    Ok, I just started my tank up. I bought 50lbs of cured figi for my 46 bow. When I got it home it really seemed to be "alive", like very very alive tons of pods and other bugs, worms, dusters, and things I would put in the "other category".. Just wanted to see if anyone could help with id'ing...
  6. johnny5

    Filtration Opinions/Questions

    Hello all, My first post! I bit the bullet and bought a tank/stand this weekend. I have been doing research for a few months and for my situation a 46 bow seems to be the best choice for right now. Im in a 3rd floor apt right now and I usually move yearly so a larger tank is just not feasible...