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  1. littlebuck

    Aussie Acan

    OK here is one of the few acans that i have that i want to part with. Need to make room for some new things. Price is $100
  2. littlebuck


    I have 5- 6 frag packs that i want to get rid of so i can make room for my new SPS frags. Each pack will have one of each pictured. Total will be 4 zoo frags. each frag has over 10 polyps on them. Some of the frags are a mix of the colors in the pics. Also i will put in 3-5 heads of my blastos...
  3. littlebuck


    Please Delete double post.
  4. littlebuck

    Peach with yellow mouth chalice

    I have a nice peach with yellow mouth chalice im going to be getting rid of. Price is $75 Shipping will be from 12309 if u want to check shipping. box size will be 6x6x6 with weight of 3 lbs.
  5. littlebuck

    Blasto Merletis

    I have blasto merleti that im going to be fragging out. I have about 50+ heads I will do single head for $5 5-$20 10-$40 Whole thing $150 Shipping usps 2-3 day is $12 and express if zips meet $25
  6. littlebuck

    Zoo Frags

    OK here is the 1st one that im going to selling. Its a peach center then goes to like a steel color then the skirt is orange. Prices will be $15 per frag. each frag has roughly 10 heads on it. I have 8 frags available Main colony
  7. littlebuck

    Zoo frag time is near

    Im going to be fragging out alot of my zoos that i have been doing multi color rocks. So if anyone is looking for some nice ones here you go. Prices will be $15 for 5-10 polyps I will ship, its been cheaper to ship USPS but if someone wants to go with a different shipper i can do that as well...
  8. littlebuck

    WTB 36" t-5 fixture.

    I want to see if anyone has ones for sale. If you do please let me know. Prices and pics please. Also let me know how old the fixture is and the bulbs as well. would like a 4x39 or a 6x39. Thanks.
  9. littlebuck

    Zoo frags and aussie acan frags.

    I fragged out some things in my tank to make room for more SPS. I will ship. I would like to ship over night on the acans but zoos can go 2day. My zip is 12309. So if you want it shipped check prices. Box sizes will be 6x6x6 for one frag. The zoos 1- $10 per frag 5 polyps (2 available) 2-$15...
  10. littlebuck

    Mini carpets

    I found these 2 lil guys on a piece of LF that had an SPS frag on it but didnt make it. So i would like these to go. Asking $25 for the pair of them. last time i had some i got tons of responses so give me time to get back to everyone. But it will be the 1st person that says they wants them and...
  11. littlebuck

    Neon candy canes

    These things are unreal. as neon as neon can be. i have 3 pieces that i fragged off my main colony. The pieces have 14 heads and 2- 8 heads. I can sell them as a whole or split them up. Prices- 3 heads $ 10 4 heads $15 have 3 of these. 5 heads $20 10 heads $40 If you have any questions...
  12. littlebuck

    FrogSpawn FS in NY

    I have some frog spawn i need to thin out a little. I have both 6 Heads Green and purple and 6 heads Green and Pink. Price will be $15 for 1 head $25 for 2 heads. $45 for 4 heads $60 for 6 heads Shipping will be from 12309 so if you want to know shipping check with ups or fedex. Any questions...
  13. littlebuck

    40 gallon breeder w stand In NY

    I am going to sell an AGA 40 gallon breeder and stand Comes with 40 gallon tank, its drilled on one side on the upper part of the glass near the top rim. Works awesome for hooking up to the a main system or like it is now plugged. AGA black stand. Asking $150 for the whole set up. I will include...
  14. littlebuck

    Few fish for sale UpState NY wont ship

    I am breaking down my tank and once i do im going to get rid of some of my fish. I will not ship these. Also if you do want any they need to be picked up by sat afternoon. Please email me only if serious. 3" Coral Beauty very fat and healthy. Doesn't pick at corals that i...
  15. littlebuck

    Aussie Acan

    I have a few aussie acans that im going to be getting rid of to get more room for SPS. Asking $65 + shipping it has 13 heads/polyps on it with a few babies as well. I will be shipping from 12309 if you want to see what it would cost to ship. Any questions please feel free to ask me here or send...
  16. littlebuck

    150 w DE MH bulbs for sale

    I just got a new light fixture and got a bought a bunch of bulbs with it and had some that came with the light. Have the following. 2- 150w DE Ushio bulbs 20K used like 2 hours if that. Didint like the color. In 2 PEC boxes $45 each 1- 150W DE Ushio 10K bulbs thats 3 weeks old. Have Orig box $45...
  17. littlebuck

    Wicked candies

    I have a large candy cane colony im going to get rid of. Its a color i havent seen much of. Has to have over 60 heads on it. I will sell the whole thing for $70 + shipping Also if i get two people wanting half of the colony i will do $35 each. Feeding time pic Actinic only. Its an older pic...
  18. littlebuck

    Eye of rah zoos

    Im going to get rid of my mini colony of them. Has over 50+ polyps on it. It is on a piece of branch rock. Nice growth pattern on it. Asking $50 + shipping.
  19. littlebuck

    Radioactive Green monti

    This piece is getting way to big for the tank. Im going to frag out a few pieces of it. Each piece will be 1x1 if not bigger. $20 per frag. I will ship my zip is 12309 If interested please email me at or send me a pm.
  20. littlebuck

    duncans for sale

    I fragged off a few heads of my Duncan. I will be selling them for $25 per head I will ship my zip is 12309 If interested please email me at Pic is of a bigger piece. I have single and double heads available. If you want bigger pieces i can possibly get more and will...