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  1. fishman830

    180 gallon glass cage for sale!! Northern NJ

    Tank no longer for sale.
  2. fishman830

    Revised Stock list - 180

    Do your worst! will this work out for a 180 FOWLR 1 Coral Catshark 1 Show-sized Blue Hippo Tang 1 Red Sea Naso 1 Longnose Butterfly
  3. fishman830

    Water Chemistry

    i've been tryin' to kick hair algae out, and finially get my new test kits in... so here goes pH -8.9-8.6 Phosphate - 1 ammonia - <.25 NO2- 0 Alk - .33 Cu - <.05 Calcium - 415 i've killed the lights substancially, 1 fish in the system, clarkii clown, but he's in the sump other than that just inverts
  4. fishman830

    Do Fish See color?

    Can they see colors ? or do they see black and white?
  5. fishman830

    180 Stock List

    1 Blue hippo Tang 1 Coral Catshark 1 Red Sea Blonde Naso tang this is in a 180 gal i guess a FOWLR
  6. fishman830

    Fish are Friends not food?

    What kind of other fish could i keep with a Coral Catshark ( if any ) in a 180??
  7. fishman830

    The New Frontier

    Well the unfourtunate demise of my reefette, which recently fell to a terrible case of hair algae left we with a shot of uncertainty. What to do next? i've got no surviving fish, except for the god forsaken sump dwelling clarkii clownfish I was thinking what i would do, with enough research...
  8. fishman830

    Can't catch clarkii

    I bought " The Trap " to catch my clarkii clownfish... it's killed 4 fish of time.... and i can't get it out.... i used all sorts of baits... but nothing works... any ideas?
  9. fishman830

    coraline remedies.

    Anyone good an easy remedie for removing coraline algae from front glass? i've got a problem too, being i have an inwall.. i can't reach all of it
  10. fishman830

    HAPPY 4th oF JULY!!!!!!!!

    :cheer: happy birthday America :cheer: :D :D
  11. fishman830

    180 inwall reef... finially some pics

    Enjoy :)
  12. fishman830

    The 21st Century Reef

    Well, as it lays out, my father and Uncle, and recently myself, have been working on this " Controller" type thing for water towers in the City, for ConEdison to control various items such as water level temp, so on... Now, the 3 of us were talking, and it appears i would be able to have one of...
  13. fishman830

    SOme assitance please!

    as my 180 is well under way i got an amazing deal on 130lbs of fiji LR w/ a naso tang, and various other fish... My question is, will i have a conflict between the Naso and my present BLue hippo tang other inhabitants of my 180 at this time are 1 Clarkii clown, 1 False percula, and a yellow tang
  14. fishman830

    electrical shock!

    OK, as many of you may know, i had purchased a MAG 36, i recieved terrible shocks that made my arm feel as though i had just done 100 push ups... and this happened 2 times, on two different pumps, anyone else get this problem?
  15. fishman830

    little odd is it?

    I'm 15, a freshman in High School.. Now, the US Marines and Army National Guard believe me to be a Junior in High School.. I thought it might be a mistake made by my guidance councler... i've signed up for nothing.. requested information on nothing.. just a mistake?? I've gotten 2 letters in a...
  16. fishman830


    As of today i began collecting any money i could from people in my town, i'm collecting as much as possible for a certain lenth of time(Not sure how long exactly) and then am going to send it to the USO head quarters in DC. I pitched in 40 bucks. My question is, is there anyone out there that...
  17. fishman830

    So i set it up(115gal)

    I set up a 115 gal tank for an accounting firms office Specs 115 gal glass cages tank 2x 250 watt MH (10k bulbs) 2x coralife 96w PC (actinic) 120 lbs of hawaiian base rock 50 lbs of live rock Cs6-2+ euroreef skimmer Mag 2400 return handmade spray bar (w/ flexible ball socket tubing on ends...
  18. fishman830


    after being hunted down by the wrestling team captains, i devided to join my High schools wrestling team.. i'm about 5' 3" and 120 lbs and 9.6% body fat, ig otta lose 17 though to make the 103 class.. does anyone else here wrestle at school.. or do it out side of school.. and no jokes, i've...
  19. fishman830

    My car (got pics) I hope you like!
  20. fishman830

    Veterans Day

    I'd like to personally thank all of our Veterans, you guys have done and do a great service to our great nation, god bless you all.