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  1. kicks23

    post your other hobbies

    well for me this hobby has taken over as of right now it is very addicting and quite expensive lol. but it sure is a beautiful thing to look at. post your other hobbies you guys have aside from this one. shoes been collecting for about 5 years have about 160+ but plan on selling alot of it...
  2. kicks23

    What type of Computer do you have? pc/mac

    im a noob to this site so i look foward to posting here more often. i got a imac 20" about 1 month ago and love it just wondering what type of computers you guys are using.
  3. kicks23

    New member here

    i wanted to greet everyone im new to this hobby i decided to sell some of my shoes my other love lol and get into this. you guys have some amazing set ups. i had a 10 gallon tank around the house and decided i wanted to give this a try. ill try to post later i had some questions. im in the...