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  1. magic


    I’ve kept zoas for years but lately I’ve had some difficulty. Some of my colony’s have started to close up and act unhappy. This accounts for about 5% of my overall stock. They seem to be effected by something of a disease or pest nature. I’ve included a photo of one colony. Can anyone identify...
  2. magic

    Need help beth!

    im having a hard time posting a photo. Is there a way to get the photo to beth other then posting it here?
  3. magic

    Yellow tang (pictures)! Please help

    hey guys, I've had this tang for about 3 months. He's been in hypo for about two months and I've ran copper on him. I'm well practiced in dealing with icy and velvet, but this is something different that I've never come across. If anyone can help me figure out what's going on and tell me how to...
  4. magic

    fresh water ICH on Salt water fish?

    Can saltwater fish get freshwater ICH? I have a few tangs and some butterflies and I am doing hypo on them all. I also have a lion that will only eat live fish. Well the salinity is down to 1.009 and has been for two weeks. When I feed the lion, if he misses the gold fish they last forever in...
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    My Tank!

    some pic's
  6. magic

    hazy eyes on a flame angel

    My flame angel is starting to get a haze over his eyes and its getting worse. What is causing this?
  7. magic

    What is this and how do i get rid of it?

    I am pretty sure its algae of some sort, but I don't seem to have any other type of algae growing in the tank. I don't see that its hurting but its ugly and its all over my tank and I want rid of it. It don't look bad from this picture but if you could see the hole tank you would see its bad!
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    HELP Its Not ICH

    I thought that my fish had ICH so I did Hypo, and its still there. It is white bumps on the fish but its not ICH. please don’t ask about how low the salinity is and what I am using to measure it and if I am keeping the PH right. I know how to do hypo and have done it more the once. what else...
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    What is this

    :confused: I put all my fish in the (H) tank to do hypo for ICH and this has come up on this fish. He has had it before but not as bad and it went away. He first got it the first time I did hypo on him so I think that low salt brings it out. The bad thing is that my other fish show signs of it...
  10. magic

    fin trouble

    I put my fish in the (H) tank to treat for ICH and droped to 1.009. the ICH is gone but the fish look sickly what is going on? all I have are these two and a clown in the tank and there not fighting. The scales on the purple look like they have damage to.:notsure:
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    some pictures

    :D i have had a lot of fun with my new lens
  12. magic

    sea horse and ICH

    Can a sea horse get ICH?
  13. magic

    new zoos and stuff

    :jumping: I paid 59 for these zoos, worth it?
  14. magic

    heres one for you

    this is my buddys fish, it has had ich but went through hypo and was good to go. Now he looks like he is losing his coler in spots and he is showing ribs, his mate is good, she is big and full. What could this be?:notsure:
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    what are these?
  16. magic

    fish camera

    today I am going to go buy a nice camera for $999.95 what are the spec's I should look for to photo fast fish?:happyfish
  17. magic

    false perc is eating my green hairy mushroom

    I think it could be that he feels like the green hairy mushroom is an Anemone and he is trying to kill it to save the one he is liveing in. His Anemone is about a foot below the mushroom, the mushroom looks a lot like an Anemone. He gos up to it and bites the outside of it and just hangs there...
  18. magic

    Ryebread,,, pictures

    my boss at the fish store i work at wants to put some nice pictures on his web site, so I was going to show him yours, would it be ok with you if he uses them? the site is its not up and running yet but its bing worked on.
  19. magic

    flame angel and mandarin goby going down hill

    the flame has been great at eating and all and i have had him fo a week. Can the goby let off a slime that can kill?:help:
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    shrimp babys

    thats right, today when i got home i see hundreds of baby shrimp floating in the tank, so what do i do now? I got a lot of the out and put them in a 5 gal tank with the same tank water, but there so small what do i feed them? and will they make it? I'm so happy I hope they grow up!