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  1. cruzan277

    My tank needs a new home.

    125 Gallon and Stand up and running for 3 years in Maryland Lighting includes - 2X175 Watt Metal Halide Fixture and two 125 watt power compacts. Fish Include - 1 Purple Tang, 1 Powder Blue tang, 1 tennent tang, 1 mated pair clown fish, 3 xl green chromises, 1 madarin Goby. 1 Cleaner Shrimp...
  2. cruzan277


    I have been reading many post and the word snowstorm keeps coming up. What exactly is it? I know it has something to do with calcium but thats about it.
  3. cruzan277

    Little Sponges

    Last week a read a post about little sponges I decided to post a pic so that people can see what mine looks like and tell me if everything is ok.
  4. cruzan277

    My New Addition

    This guy was added to my tank about 3 weeks ago. Everything is going great. Just wanted to share
  5. cruzan277

    Adding Live Rock to Established 125 Gallon

    Hey guys I would like to add about 45 pounds more LR to my 90 that I have in my 125 Gallon. I know I cant just place it in there so how do I go about adding this rock without causing major problems?
  6. cruzan277

    Can I add a Purple Tang to this tank

    Hey guys was just wondering if my tank is maxed out or not. I currently have a 125 gallon tank here are its occupants. 3 Anthias 2 Tomato Clowns 1 Coral Beauty 1 Six line Wrasse 1 Cleaner wrasse 1 Red Sea Sailfin Tang(this guy is a little skitish since he has only been in my tank about a week...
  7. cruzan277

    What order to add fish to 125Gallon

    I have a 125 semi reef tank. I have three anthias, 2 clowns, 1 coral beauty, 1 six line wrasse, 1 cleaner wrasse. I want to add 1 Royal Gramma, a few 1/2&1/2 Chromis, a naso tang,Desjardin Sailfin Tang(can help with bubble algae)last but not least Blue hippo tang. What order should I add these...
  8. cruzan277

    Nigger Trigger...

    Can I keep a [hr] Trigger in a 125 semi reef tank. I have three anthias, 2 clowns, 1 coral beauty, 1 six line wrasse, 1 cleaner wrass, planning on adding a Royal Gramma, Red Sea SailFin Tang, and one other tang not sure yet. Most of my corals a softies, only planning on adding some more...
  9. cruzan277

    Six Line Wrasse Behaving Weird

    Hey guys I have a 125 gallon, I have a six line wrasse that all of a sudden seems to like my water pump thats on my UV sterlizer. He swims around it then put his mouth on it. And I sit there and watch him do it for three/four/five/six times. He eats and swims around fine but always goes back...
  10. cruzan277

    Help me with fish Selection.......

    Ok guys I have been reading all of your good ideas for months now I need your assistance one again. I have a 125 gallon tank, up for 4 months now, all test come back great, 220 watts of light, 18 soft corals (lowlighs), 90 pounds of lr, 120pounds of ls, plenum, berlin skimmer. Tank cycled in 3...
  11. cruzan277

    Berlin Skimmer Not Skimming

    Hey guys I have a 125 gallon, I have a berlin skimmer in my sump with a rio 2100 pump attached. Did a test before I put it in the sump with a 10 gallon and some of the water did a little stuff. Put in into my sump turned on everything and nothing. The bubles are going but nothing comes out...
  12. cruzan277

    Reef Newbie...

    Hey guys I am new to this board, have been reading it for a few months and decided to ask a few questions. I have a 125 gallon tank, been up for about 3 months now, it has a UV Sterilizer, 220watts of light (2 110 watt compact flouresants), 90 pounds of fiji live rock, 20 pounds of Garf...