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  1. clintjj


    no macro algae, I got my corals from a friend who sells to the stores in the Houston area, I started my corals in the very edge of the light and they never seemed to recover from the move. My carpet anemone will shrink and start losing color if I go down to a 250 mh. trust me I tried, 2...
  2. clintjj


    I have been in saltwater for about 10 years, I have raised clowns for a few years, bang. cardinals, peppermint shrimp so I'm not a novice. I have decided to start to try my hand at corals but am killing them faster than I can put them in my aquarium. I have a 200g system with a 120g sump 400w...
  3. clintjj

    Drilling my tank

    Drilling a tank is easy to do. Make sure it's not tempered glass!!! buy a 10 gallon tank to pratice on you will have 5 sides to try it on and if you can drill 10 you can drill anything!! Put lots of water and go slow hold the drill stady and don't apply a lot of force.
  4. clintjj

    having phyto /rotifer problem

    just thought about what you said and relized you put amonia lock in your water. That is the problem! the sides get cloudy and slimy? If so quit with the amo. lock and see what happens. The bottles ,tank and all need to be cleaned or the resindue will still be there and it will happen again...
  5. clintjj

    having phyto /rotifer problem

    Have never had this problem but curious. Try adding carbonate water to the phyto before feeding it to the rotifers, about a capful and shake it, This will help lower the ph and might solve your cloudy problem just a guess though don't really have a clue. I do add the carbonated water to mine...
  6. clintjj

    i need some macro

    Stil need some? Cheto or grape culerpia?
  7. clintjj

    Dominat colour gene in male or female?

    In ONE OF MY CLOWN PAIR THE FEMALE is black and white,60-80% of the babys are black and white the others are orange and white . In my other pair the female is o&w male is b&w most babys are o&W. Didn't pair them that way they did.
  8. clintjj

    Does ANYBODY have this Kent Nautilus TE Skimmer?

    I have one with a rio 2700(?) Works pretty good. At 1 time I had three skimmers in the tank,trying to see which one pulled the most out , The kent worked best so it is the only one in there now. 200 gallon with a 60 gallon sump. It's been runnig for 6 years now just clean it about every...
  9. clintjj

    True Percula Clownfish, Eggs

    my pair lay eggs every 12 days. The eggs hatch in about 8 days depending on water temp.
  10. clintjj

    Wtb Clownfish Mated Pair

    where do you live?
  11. clintjj

    b/w and true?

    They will mate and lay eggs.
  12. clintjj

    Looking For Canopy Fans

    Radio shack
  13. clintjj

    BLACK CLOWNS...what do they host?

  14. clintjj

    picasso clown babys

    All dead. I'm building in my shop outside, a room with a central a/c. My brothers own an a/c company so my shop will stay at 75 all the time. Hopefuly this will solve my heater problem. no over heating or cooling. This sounds like alot for baby fish but I also collect trains and fishing...
  15. clintjj

    picasso clown babys

    Heater hung up all but two dead.
  16. clintjj

    picasso clown babys

    My picasso clownfish babys hatched tonight. Wonder how many will be misbared like their parents? I guess I will know in about 8 months so wish me luck cause they'll be for sale on here.
  17. clintjj

    tank raised false percs

    When I move my baby clowns to their grow out tank I have an anemone in the tank they all most all try to host the anemone instantly. What started me doing this was a freind gave me an anemone and I stuck it in there just to see the reaction of the babys. They were trying to host on the way to...
  18. clintjj

    Tank Bred Clown.

    When I move my baby clowns to the growout tank, where I have an anemone, the first thing they do is head to the anemone. The funny thing is that at night they head to the top of the aquarium as soon as the lights go out. In the morning when the lights come on they head right backto the...
  19. clintjj

    Clownfish Breeding

    Where are you located? I also raise clownfish and have a 300 gal. tank full of rotifers. If you live close enough I'll give you the rotifers to feed the baby's but I highly recommend you read the book clownfishes!!!! I saw you said they were hatching after 4 days how hot is your water?
  20. clintjj

    3 different ocellaris in 1 giant gbta?

    leave them alone they are all getting along so you shouldn't have any problems.