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  1. reefsoe

    Bi-Color Blenny...SpS Nippers???

    At first I thought it was my coral beauty... banished to the fuge of eternal light... 24hr photo period. but my sps never recovered, would this be because the angel damaged it bad or that my bi color is munchin polyps
  2. reefsoe


    Ok... I remember somone telling me this was great... cant remember who. Im getting so tired of mixing kalk ( my clam is a calc hog ) So untill I get a reactor this seems like a goof method Opinions please
  3. reefsoe


    Im looking for someone to share some sand with me to help me with the critters in the sandbed. As some of you might know I had a meltdown and have almost made a complete recovery except for the sandbed which obviously is important. If anyone would be willing to ship some sand to me please let...
  4. reefsoe

    Pod ID

    Pods? I know the coral they are on has RTN which I thought for a moment they were the cause but i think there just cleanin it
  5. reefsoe

    SPS question...

    No matter what I do, I cant keep SPS alive.. or some will die off and then start to regrow. 3 of the frags I had have started with tissue loss and bleaching. My params are perfect Alk is great and Calcium is 420 im not sure where im going wrong... the flow rate is the only thing i havent...
  6. reefsoe

    Need 2x 250w MH's 10k or better

    Slightly used is ok please email me at for trade or with the price you would ask. Thanks!
  7. reefsoe

    Size Does Matter!

    Never would have thought abut it though... Clowns wont take to an anemone if it s too small... I have a small green BTA clowns dont even go near it. I put a big new Rose BTA in my tank tonight an an hour later the clown are playing in it! Picky beasts!
  8. reefsoe

    If You Need Southdown~

    I'd be willing to hit the home depot and ship it to you. Im not interested in making any money maybe a trade ::cough:: BUT nonetheless thats not required and I know the Home Deopt around here carries that. If you need it let me know.
  9. reefsoe

    Brand New BTA

    Just got it its almost 8 inches across
  10. reefsoe

    SPS Polyp Extension

    Ok here's the dilema.... I have 2 SPS frags both acro's and a colony of gemifera Params are spot on SG is great and temp is great... Water flow - The gemifera has direct current from a power head about 2 inches away and the frags are close to that. All are in the top 3/4's of the tank under...
  11. reefsoe

    Is This A BTA?

    Just won it on that place.... not from the san francisco fella Then I read a post giving praise to the San Fran guy I passed over during bidding.... WELL you folks be the judge this pic IS supposedly the one I am getting.
  12. reefsoe

    New Cam! = Great Pics!

  13. reefsoe

    Jalli Power Compacts

    4 x 36w 2 Seperate Controllers 48 Inches Long Looking For Best Offer or Trade. Im in NJ and would arrange pickup
  14. reefsoe

    Pocillopora Help

    :help: Someone please verify the required light and current for this coral please. I got a large colony from my LFS and I bought it with all the polyps extended and fuzzy! Now in my tank - it doesnt extend at all and im gettin white patches of skeleton in a few locations, today's params are...
  15. reefsoe

    Tough ID w/ No Pic

    This is an SPS... I have a colony - green in color, Short fat rounded cluster of branches w/ some type of filter feeder at the tips of most of the branches... Reason im askin is that my params are all ok and I cant get the polyps to extend no matter where i place it.
  16. reefsoe

    Mods please verify

    I know this is a link BUT #1 its a very very informational link if your a geek like me but It is to another board so please delete if you must i understand Just wanted to let you see it. Forgive me
  17. reefsoe

    Teaching my clowns to host!

    Is this possible... my clowns done even look at my BTA.... the most action that thing see's is the cleaner shrimp trying to steal its silversilde when it eats.... My clowns are tank raised but never look at it... would introducing a small wild caught clown be wise or just a waste :notsure: Im...
  18. reefsoe

    Quickest Cam Poll In History

    Quickest Cam Poll In History! Ok Majority rules.... Nikon Coolpix 5700 OR Fuji Finepix S5000 Dum dedumdum!
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    Email me stranger... Your Ric's are getting lonely
  20. reefsoe

    Still Got Compacts

    Jalli Corp. 46 1/2 in length 4x 36w PC lights NIB 2 seperate controls No bulbs included Trade O.B.O.