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  1. zoie2

    ? on clown fish

    I have been doing a lot of work on my tank trying to get rid of an outbreak of hair algae and briopsis. I have been pulling coral out to tweeze the briopsis off the rock, I had to catch my clown today to work on the tank. My question is- could all this cause him to get stressed and get ick...
  2. zoie2

    water ?

    I made up 2 gal of water for a water change, I have a half gallon left. How long will that last?
  3. zoie2

    I need help saving tank

    I joined in 2005 with a 12 gal tank. and had great success for years. To make a long story short, life got crazy and my tank did not get the attention it needed. In 2011 I came back on the forum for help with a huge hair algae problem. I got it a little under control, but we moved to a new...
  4. zoie2

    choosing new tank

    Hey all, I have a nano cube 12 gal delux that I have had for at least 6 yrs, could be longer. It is getting old and rough so i stead of fixing/replacing I figured I would just get a new one. I was looking at the 12 gal jbj with leds, but it only had 2 stars and some bad reviews. So I was also...
  5. zoie2

    how to devide 2 toadstools

    What's the best way to split these two toadstools? One is actually growing over the base of the other. Thanks
  6. zoie2


    I'm writing a childrens story, and looked up toadstools. It said the colored tips are called polyps, is this correct? Not the cap part, the tips that are green or yellow and they flow with the water and go in when you touch them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. zoie2

    I need help on my 6 gal.

    I've had my 6 gal tank for a few years now, but havn't really put too much in it. I have a clown and some rics and shrooms. I have been thinking about moving the corrals into my 12 gal and turning my 6 gal into an invert tank. I would love to get some urchins, but I don't know if the 6 gal is...
  8. zoie2

    I'm moving and need some ideas for moving my tanks.

    I have a 12 gal and a 6 gal. Only 2 fish and a cleaner shrimp, a variety of snails and crabs. Not much LR and not many corals. I have a 3 hr drive to new house. What is the best way to move eveyone? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. zoie2

    ? on Daisy corals

    I had a little piece of my daisy polyps break off (main colony is growing on a rock), they have attatched themselves to the back wall and are spreading. I have seen tanks that have the GSP growing on their back walls and I think it looks cool. So, my ? is, has anyone done this and then...
  10. zoie2

    protein skimmer is 12 gal ?

    Has anyone succesfully used a protein skimmer in one of their chambers for the 12 gal? I bought one when they first came out about 5 years ago, but they were almost impossible to use and it wasn't worth it. I see there is another one available for around 50$ not sure if anyone has used it or if...
  11. zoie2

    Snow Day!!!

    I have no work today!!! I still get paid though, which is sooooo sweet!! I love my job!! (home daycare). The only problem is I used my last gallon of water on my 6 gal tank and now I want to work on my 12 gallon tank but I'm stuck at home. I want to goto the LFS and get an urchin, although...
  12. zoie2

    best way to start over...

    I've decided to break down my 12 gal nano-cube DX and start over. I have hair algae all over my back wall and some base rocks. The rocks I'm going to toss, there are only 2. The other corals and rocks are safe in my 6 gal for now. (although they aren't too happy). Questions: which is better...
  13. zoie2

    fuzzy stuff growing in tank

    Hi everyone, it's been forever since I have been here. My 12 gal. tank is 5 years old and I thought I was getting some hair algae. I went out and got some more snails and hermit crabs and they didn't help. It got worse and covered my whole back wall and all my rocks. I did a 2 gal water...
  14. zoie2

    coral doing great in new tank!!

    I can't believe how much better my coral are doing in my new tank. I had to get a new one because my old one was falling apart. My GSP are so crazy! Here are pics of before and after. Here is my tank a couple months ago when I jsut set it up- my gsp were loosing color and receeding. NOt real...
  15. zoie2

    we got a new puppy!!

    I got my husband a puppy for his birthday. He lost his Shepard last year. He said he was done, but after a while he said he missed having a dog. (My dog missed having a friend too.) So I got him a pup. She is sooooo cute and so smart. And getting soo big!
  16. zoie2

    ? onlight schedule

    ever since I got my new nano cube, I'm getting a lot more algae than I use too. I'm thinking it's my lights. I don't like that both the actinics and the day lights have to come on at the same time. I like turning my actinics on for a bit and then the daylights, but oh well. So when do you...
  17. zoie2

    I just got a refractometer!!

    I jsut came back from LFS. I was going to buy some coral, but I just switched my tanks and didn't want to rush anything. My coral are still adjusting to the new tank so I got a refractometer. It was $50 but I have been reading a lot about how better they are. I tested with my hydrometer the...
  18. zoie2

    pics of my new 12 gal Nano cube

    My 12 gal. Aquapod was slowly falling apart so I got a 12 gal. Nano cube. When I switched them over I took as much coral as I could and put it in my 6 gal nano cube. It looked like this: 6 gal before: 6 gal after: I tested my water yesterday (day 2) after the switch and levels are great, but...
  19. zoie2

    moved most of my coral from 12 gal to 6 gal

    I should be getting my new 12 in a few days. I figured I'd get a head start by moving some of my coral from my 12 gal to my 6 gal. I couldn't believe how much fit in it. my 6 gal stocked with some of my 12 gal coral Now my 12 gal looks so bald., but not for long.
  20. zoie2

    just ordered my new tank!!

    My 12 gal Aquapod is slowly dying (and has been for a year or so). I just ordered the 12 gal. nano cube. I am excited and also bummed out. My tank is 3 yrs. old and has incredible coraline growth. I had to scrape it off the intake grid because it wasn't letting in enough water to cover my...