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  1. baytran7

    Rare Fish ID needed

    This fish was labeled as a Anthias Mimic Grouper, it came in from the supplier as an anthias. Noone has been able to ID this fish including myself through Scott Michaels books, Google, Yahoo, etc. Let's see if anyone on this board can dig up anything.
  2. baytran7

    Tunze Turbelle FS or Trade Austin TX

    FS tunze 1600 turbelle with tunze 6080 magnet. 75.00 + shipping. I hardly used this thing. Or will trade for a Powder Blue Tang (must be healthy and eating) I live in Austin TX pics here
  3. baytran7

    WTT Dolphin external pump 4 Tunze

    Dolphin externa pump, new condition 6 months use 3600GPH for trade with a tunze powerhead. This dolphin runs extremely cool., i'm in austin texas
  4. baytran7

    Muchos Grassias

    The title says it all
  5. baytran7

    Rare Garibaldi for sale Austin Tx

    I'd like to sell one of my Garibaldis. Asking 60$ and prefer not to ship. I'm located in Austin TX heres a pic, he's eating pellets, flakes, frozen
  6. baytran7


    I few of my favorite pics I'd thought I'd share.
  7. baytran7

    Live rock w/zoos & anthelia attached 6$ per pound

    I have 3 pieces I want to sell to make room in my tank. rocks are covered with zoos and a 5 inch diameter patch of anthelia and some xenia. these are large rocks (20-40lbs) so you will have to have a big tank. Clam, Anenomes not included, just zoos and anthelia and xenia I...
  8. baytran7

    I'm running out of space

    My tank is slowly becoming overcrowded, guess it's snipping time.
  9. baytran7

    Limited Edition Corals

    I see this hobby going more towards people trying to aquire more LE corals, some of these LE corals are not more colorful or more prettier. I think there is an exception in the superman (kudos to vip for the hookup) monti as this coral does justify the price with it's bright colors but is...
  10. baytran7

    RARE Commensalism Shrimp Clam Relationship

    I bet only a handful of people have seen this in the world. I'm definitely going print this and hang it on the wall.
  11. baytran7

    Best frozen food

    Piscine Energetics Mysis is the best frozen food on the market that i've used so far, I just discovered them and did some tests, results blow away san francisco and hikari.
  12. baytran7

    T5 vs Metal Halide debate answered

    When you have a fixture that claims X watts, you have to also consider that (X= Input power). The true power you are using due to inefficiencies such as (Y=magnetic/copper loss) is equal to X+Y. For Example: Metal Halides: Claim: 250w puts out 16500 lumens Actual: 295w total due to...
  13. baytran7

    More Frags to trade Zoas Austin, TX

    All I have left are a few 30-50 lb live rocks covered with zoanthids. I would like to trade for anything but brown or tan colored corals. my email address is btw, i'm not trading the whole rocks unless you drive a used motorcyle to my house =) just frags of what's on the...
  14. baytran7

    True Alien Eyes for Rainbow or Sunset Monti

    I'm looking for some sunset or rainbow montipora, I have the real alien eye zoanthids. which are blue/grey outer with bright yellow centers. please email me at thanks
  15. baytran7

    RPEs trade for Superman Monti

    i have some red people eaters 17-20 heads for trade for some superman montis here's a pic email me @
  16. baytran7

    Rare Colorful Zoos for Montiporas

    I have some zoos, i would like to trade for some montiporas, I would like a superman or some purple caps, i already have orange and green. thanks here's a few pics
  17. baytran7

    wanna see my banana?

    banana moray
  18. baytran7

    Montipora Caps

    Baby Monts
  19. baytran7

    Some Fish Pics..load warning

    A few pics of some fih and corals
  20. baytran7

    what kind of wrasse is this?

    Does anyone know the name? thanks