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  1. jared_p

    few questions and update

    OK well iv added two damsels now after its been up and running with the rock that's in it for about 3 weeks. no pictures with the new fish but they have been doing good the past 3 days. eating good and swimming around a lot and finding lots of little caves and junk. Anyways there is one thing i...
  2. jared_p


    Ok well its been awhile sense iv updated you. Well I've got 20lbs of tongo live premium rubble now in my tank with 20lbs of live sand I'm planning on adding another 15lbs of rock and another 20lbs of sand this week. my levels are all sky high but well the rocks been in there for about a week and...
  3. jared_p

    really how dumb is this?

    I ordered 15lbs of premium rubble last night hopefully be here Thursday. anyways i went down to the LSF to see if they had any rubble i figured they might even give me some for free where i buy so much and its just rubble. So i ask how much for the rubble she told me live rubble is $6.99/lb i...
  4. jared_p


    OK, well right now I'm using an aqua clear 200 and until a sump is used I'm choosing between one the aqua clear 110 witch filters 500gph sounds pretty good for a 55gal tank the water would be very clean i think. There is also the Current USA Internal Wet/Dry filters now they only filter around...
  5. jared_p

    LR rubble (tonga)

    Ok i was wanting to order about 15lbs or LR rubble to seed some dry rock. i was wanting to know if anyone has any of this rock and any pictures its suppose to be 1-6" in size but im sure its more like 1-3" so does anyone have any ideas or images if so it would be great, thanks.
  6. jared_p

    have i already messed up?

    OK so I filled up my 55gallon tank this morning let everything run until about 4 i added chemicals to take care of chlorine and heavy metals then around 10:20 tonight i started adding the first bit of my salt i emptied around half the bag witch was suppose to be for 50gallons. I then decided to...
  7. jared_p

    Now im starting.

    Ok someone i know had a freshwater 55 gallon tank fully set up. I was planning on buying myself one but he said i could have it. So I went and picked it up today along with a ton of goodies i took the fish but gave them to a friend who has a freshwater tank since I want to make it a SW tank. So...
  8. jared_p


    ok Im getting a 55 gallon tank and want to know if its possible to have a eel in it? I looked at snowflake eels they say on that the min tank size is 40 i think. but this is before it has fully grown i figure so im worried it would outgrow the tank within a year or less. would it? if so...
  9. jared_p

    New 55gal?

    I was planning on buying one of the all in one kits thats like 24gallons. Then I seen that I can get a 55 gallon glass tank for about $75 when the 24 all in one was going to be about 200 I'm thinking it would be worth it to spend a few more 100 to buy a 55. whats your thoughts? I was going to do...
  10. jared_p

    Hello everyone

    Ok first hi im new and would like to introduce myself. Second I'v never owned a Salt water tank so this is going to be my first. All I have is a 10gallon tank maybe soon a 24gallon tank but prob wont be for awhile. So I want to start one in my 10 gallon tank I came up with a shopping list and...