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    Should I. I think so. What do you think?

    Hellllllllo all. Long time no anything. Anyways to get the ball rolling I have a quick question for you all. Recently my wife and I have moved out here to Oregon from Hawaii, and we're just about settled in now. In any event I found out that one of my friends from the gym is a policeman. We...
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    185 Diary

    So what I thought was my newly purchased 210 Gallon, was actually a 185. I am most likely going to do SPS, but not entirely sure. Pictures of the new equipment and stand build very soon. I would post them now but I lent my friend my 5D for his mission trip to Uganda. Anyways, Every tank I...
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    This is ridiculously amazing Not sure it's a giant squid but, wow, probably more impressive in my opinion.
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    Filling up my 210

    So I am at the stage where I am ready to fill up my 210, and I am curious, if any of you guys use your RO unit to initially fill up your tank, or you go buy RO water, and just use the RO unit for top offs and water changes?
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    Bleaching Live Rock

    Hey guys! Recently I decided to set up a freshwater tank, and I was curious how to go about bleaching my 200lbs of Live rock. I know that I can just sit them in a vat of bleach but will that get them paper white like the dead decorative bleached corals you see in stores? I want them to be...
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    Worst fish wound I have ever seen.

    So here goes the long story short. 2 days ago I had to go to the TAFWC (Teacher association of the west coast) and I knew I was going to be gone 2 days one night. I had no problem with leaving the tank because my wife has just as much interest and love for my tank as I do, and knows how to...
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    Who has a Niger in a Reef?

    I know that they are not "reef safe" but I am curious if by reef safe it is meant that they will eat inverts, or corals? (or possibly both?) I have a 125, and Am thinking about getting a small 2-3 inch Niger. I only have like two crabs and my turbos are like the size of a softball so.. I doubt...
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    Ok, well now that your here. I am curious if some one can point me in the direction of a sump design that does not require your tank to be drilled?
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    No more GIFs?

    I thought for sure I seen useres with GIFs' as avatars, but then when I go to upload one it says no animated images allowed? what gives?
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    Building extravagent stand.

    Today I have bought a lot of materials to start a new stand for a 75. I was curious if anyone coudl point me in the direction of some very extravagent stands that I might get some ideas from? It would be extremely helpful. I have never built one before but I am pretty handy with wood...
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    Believe it or not I have just purchased my first tank vac and I have a quick question. Is it supposed to completely suck all of the sand out of the bottom. It says it has a way of separating the sand and the gunk, but, for me all it does it suck everything out.
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    Curious as to why 99.998% of people do not ship their tanks. Is it because of price or fragility.
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    Go to this site and see what phobia's you have and list em :) up to three. this is my main Nyctohylophobia
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    75 Species only with Coral :-)

    So I decided to take some pictures of my 75 with coral :-) I would say species only but it's not technically. In the FTS you will see my very very small and new tesselata, hes onl7 about 2 feet so he will be ok in here for another 4 or so months, then hes off to one of my old empty 125's then...
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    Super Neon?

    So, my newest reef is starting to finally get a A LOT of Coraline growth, and it's not the kind I was hoping for, or have ever even seen for that matter. I was hoping to just get the regular deep dark purple Algae growth, but for some reason i am getting a very very bright green. At first I...
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    Free Duncan Frag, for those who see whats amiss

    A free Mystery Duncan to the first person to tell me what is wrong with this picture. Let the Games Begin!
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    So I happened to grab my camera when..

    So I happened to grab my camera just for no reason and I sat down in front of my tank and within 2 seconds my frogfish yawned,....when I say yawned I mean, I've never seen a fish's mouth like that one, the ratio was like 2:1 (mouth to body ) lolol. Picture shortly.
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    LTB Spider man Zoos

    Curious if anyone has any spider man Zoos they would be willing to sell, not trade. Email me or send me a PM. thanks.
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    most likely a dumb question but..

    Are carpet anemones really reef safe? I mean All I ever hear in the community is how their Carpet anemone gobbled up their fish, time, after time, after time. It seems they get HUGE and will eat even 4-5 inch long fish. I really love the way the anemone looks but dang, is it worth it, or is it...
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    Eye Dee

    Not sure of what type of brain this is, my LFS didn't really even know either lolol, which is sad. thanks in advance, and when it is Eye Deed, if anyone can give a pic of theirs it would be great :)