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  1. evanjah

    hair algae using bio pellets

    hair algae using bio pellets
  2. evanjah

    current nova pro extreme

    i have the 36" fixture and I want to replace the bulbs... I did over a yr ago and the bulbs i picked came and it was pinkish and I hate it... I want either a whiter look with a tint of blue what do you guys recommend? how many of each?
  3. evanjah

    just bought it

  4. evanjah

    acan feeding

    so does every individual head have to be fed or do they share nutrients? i think each head has to be fed any thoughts?
  5. evanjah


    i bought a single head of a fanvia favia brain. I cant get it to eat any tips or hints?
  6. evanjah

    annoying mushrooms taking over

    ok so is there a way to kill some of the shrooms they are taking over and touching corals i dont want them to be?
  7. evanjah


    is a ph of 8.5 ok still?
  8. evanjah

    algae growing on zoos

    anyone ever have a prob where there zoos close up and algae starts growing on it and eventually it rots away. I cant scrape or blow it off either
  9. evanjah

    zoos rotting

    ok some zoos in my tank have been closed for about 1 month. Then algae started growing on polyp itself. Almost like cyano bacteria. Then they started rotting and falling off colony. Weird part is i have lots of zoos in my tank.. This particular zoo is in two parts of my tank on seperate...
  10. evanjah

    clam sort of closed

    my clam is mostly closed. Its alive cuz it closed all the way when a fish swims over it. IS it normal for it to stayed partially closed up for a day?
  11. evanjah

    my tank

  12. evanjah

    zoos closed

    for a few days now some of my zoos are closed and havent opened. Thet are all attatched together but i dont see anything irritating them. Any ideas or do they do this every once in a while?
  13. evanjah

    how to catch a pistol shrimp?

  14. evanjah

    pistol shrimp

    any good ideas on how to catch one?
  15. evanjah

    crocea clam

    i just bought one any hints or tips would be great on care for him. He is 3 inches
  16. evanjah


    is there anything that works?
  17. evanjah


    I have a montipora capricornis and it is having serious probs. i took this pic yesterday and it is getting progressively worse. Turning white in some areas. Ummm i have t-5 older bulbs, and it is down about 1ft from the light or so. I have no nudi's either. params are as follows salinity...
  18. evanjah

    fish breathing heavy

    i turned my protein skimmer off a few weeks ago thinking my tank water is to clean. Could it be why one is breathing heavy. All my parms are good. I mean all so no need to post them, lol. any ideas?
  19. evanjah

    reef safe crabs

    are their any truly reef safe and coral safe crabs? and im not talking hermits.
  20. evanjah

    Look at this 670 gallon tank *lots of pics*

    in defense of these hobbyists, your prolly pissed you got kicked off for some reason and you result to childish name calling. Fact is only cowardly pussies talk shi* on forums. Your name suits you well.