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  1. handbanana

    ID: Never seen anything like this. No idea where to start

    I discovered this weird thing. I dont even know if its alive. I poked it with a thing and it gave no response. I have no clue what this could be. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks everyone Nick
  2. handbanana

    ID: small green algae

    I found this, I realize I might need to wait and see when it gets bigger. Just wondering if anyone might know or have ideas? Thanks as always
  3. handbanana

    Snails breeding,

    I went home for lunch and found this. I believe the large weird half shelled snail hatched these? I needed to beef up my CUC so i suppose this will help. Just thought I would share this cuz Its kinda weird for me. Is there any chance some of these snails will survive? And what are they anyway...
  4. handbanana

    Two returns?

    Hello, I was wondering, If I split my overflow into 75% to my sump 25% to my fuge would I get another return? one for the fuge and one for the sump? Im not doing a piggie back style where the fuge would simply drain into the sump from being above it so I was wondering how to go about the...
  5. handbanana

    Clown agression

    Hello, I was wondering at what point will a Percula clown fish change s e x? I have two small percs ( about an inch and a quarter) who have grown up together so to speak. One is slightly larger, maybe a quarter of an inch, maybe less. I have noticed lately that the larger one will charge and...
  6. handbanana

    Is this Mushroom puking?---->pics

    I dont Know how else to explain it. It looks like theyre throwing up white worms. Why do they do this? It cant be good...
  7. handbanana

    something very wrong with my Zoas...plese help.

    I dont know whats going on here. My only guess is temp variations in the tank. It starts in the morning at 80 and when I get home at 6 its 82.8 I know these arnt nesacarrially bad temps Im not sure about the variations in such a short time. Parameters. Ph. 8.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 nitrates...
  8. handbanana

    ID: Is this Coraline? Something red...

    I know Coraline Algae comes in different colors and was just wondering if that was what this is? Thank you.
  9. handbanana

    Lots of old LS. what do I do with it?

    Hello, When I first got into this hobby my friend was in the process of moving a 150 out of state. I was just getting started and he gave me two 5 gallon buckets full of LS. Well since my tank was not even ready for sand ( I was building my rock wall) and I set it outside in my back yard. He...
  10. handbanana

    is this a clove polyp of some sort?

    Just wondering. They really started to appear when I put transferred this rock to my bio cube. Thank you!
  11. handbanana

    Stocking my sump/fuge with pods.

    Hi Everyone! I wish to stock my sump/fuge with pods for my scooter. I was wondering if there is a way to keep them from getting skimmed and sucked up into my return? I've already found a few larger pods inside my skimmer. Does this matter? I plan to buy a reef pod pack to get things started and...
  12. handbanana

    ID: something new...purple tube thing

    I found these two purple things under a mushroom. I dont know what they are but they seem to inhale and exhale. They expand, then a few seconds later a little hole opens and it collapses. Its kinda neat and I dont see myself removing it whatever it is. Just wondering. Thanks Everyone!!!
  13. handbanana

    Removing my balls.

    Yes, I want to remove my bio-balls from my 12 gal nano. :) I bagan the process about a week ago. I did a water change, removed 6 bio-balls and added some Nitro-max. Then this week, yesterday I did another 1 gallon change and removed 6 more bio-balls and added more Nitro-max. My parameters are...
  14. handbanana

    Really cool Nano magnet

    I just found these really great algae scrapers and was wondering if any one else uses them and what they think? They are super thin and fit between coral and the tank wall. I like mine, was wondering how you all feel about them. Thanks --Nick--
  15. handbanana

    Lid schematics for 12 gal Oceanic cube.

    Hello! The bio cube I bought has had its lighting guts kinda mangled. I guess there used to be Moonlights? And fans? I have all kinds of parts in a plastic baggie that the previous owner gave me. Anyway I want to open the lid up again and Rewire and solder some wires back together. I saw...
  16. handbanana

    ID: Anemone?

    Sorry for such bad photos. Its from my phone. I know it closes up into a little bubble thing. And it doesnt look like Aip, to me anyway. A coral possibly? It came out when I shut the ligh off which leeds me to believe it not. I have no idea. Thank you in advance.
  17. handbanana

    Turnicate? Sponge? Pretty cool whatever it is.

    So heres a green thing that I think may be a sponge of some sort. if so should I shade it? Does it need anything to eat.
  18. handbanana

    Is this Xenia?

    This just poped out on a piece of new LR. Kinda looks like Xenia but I dont know. Any Ideas? Thanks everyone --Nick
  19. handbanana

    Bananas New- ish 12 gal.Oceanic Bio-cube.

    Today I went LR shopping with my girlfriend and we picked out some really good LR. 10 mushrooms, dozens of brittle stars and a huge feather duster! and who knows what other critters. I also got a container of Chemi-pure. So I did a water change, removerd 10% of the bio balls and removed the dead...
  20. handbanana

    How do you do a nano water change?

    I know, dumb question. But is there a technique? I drain some water, the pump area runs out of water and goes dry. So I add water to the pump area...right? It then backs up into the bio balls disturbing some junk in there and makes the water all cloudy. And its difficult to keep track of how...