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  1. wolffam

    Trouble w/Green Brittlestar

    I recently caught be green brittlestar, hunting down and trying to catch my clown and firefish (which was a successful hunt for him). He was ignoring my direct feeding unless I practically put the shrimp in his mouth. I have recently moved him into my sump. What suggestion on keeping him...
  2. wolffam

    When changing lights....

    I'll be changing my VHO lights soon, 1 yr is up. Will I need to adjust the amount of time they are on for a period of time? Also, how long should that period be?
  3. wolffam


    I'd like to get a red open brain like you show in your atvar. Haven't been able to locate one at my LFS. Any suggestion on where I could order one online? I wish SWF would go back to selling them! Just adding more corals to the U-Build It would be nice! (hint, hint)
  4. wolffam

    Feather Duster Colors?

    Do these come in any other color than brown? I've only seen this color. I'd like to see some photos if possible.
  5. wolffam

    Yellow Polyps Disappearing

    My poylps are disappearing. Only thing that I'm been able to see, is at night it looks like they are crawling with little shrimp looking ampods <Spelling>. Any suggestions?
  6. wolffam

    Sea Fan

    I have a sea fan that has some tips that look dead. Is this something that can be cut off or is it growing?
  7. wolffam

    Help...Posting Pics

    Need some advice. Seems that no matter what picture I try toupload it's to big. By the time I get it the right size and upload it, it looks small on this site.. How you post those large pics for all to see? Please help I want to share, but want you to enjoy without having to get a magnifier.
  8. wolffam

    My 135...Hope you like!

    Here is my 135. Let me know what you think?
  9. wolffam

    Ryebread...Photography Setup

    I have viewed you pics on this site and on your website. What type of setup are you using. Your pictures are fantastic! Can you describe what goes into getting a shot like that? Camera, lens, lighting, film, etc. Thanks for taking the time to answer this.
  10. wolffam

    Marine Snow

    I have been using this for two weeks now and was wondering just how much do you use when you feed? I currently put two teaspoons every other day. Is this enough for what I have? Thanks for the input.
  11. wolffam

    Longnose hawk in reef

    I think this fish is cool. Would it be ok in my tank? Pros & Cons.
  12. wolffam

    Mushrooms Growing...

    My mushroom are spreading and moving. I purchased a colony of about 12 mushrooms on a rock. Today I have 23 and several have moved to the adjacent rock. All are looking good. I'm finally starting to see progress in the tank.
  13. wolffam

    Baby lettuce nudi's

    Recently my one purchased nudi disappeared after a week in the tank. Never to bee seen again. Then I noticed over the next week or so, a total of six babies. That was over a month ago. Currently all six are still present and accounted for. All have grown larger and seem to be covering all...
  14. wolffam

    What & How often do you feed your corals?

    I have a few corals, and was wondering how often you feed yours? Is it better to feed a larger dose every other day or smaller doses daily, twice a day, etc? Mine seem to do better if I feed them small amounts daily. But that exactly is the right dose for a certain number of corals? IS there...
  15. wolffam

    We're having a new addition....

    Wife has just informed me that we'll be adding to the family. New addition is due in Nov. :) :) She still wants to add to the tank also:) What a woman I'm married too:D
  16. wolffam

    My 135 Pic.....

    Here is my tank. What do you think? Starting to add corals ever two weeks. Kinda falls on the paycheck schedule. Wife is having a blast. She also informs me that we will be adding a new addition to the family as well, due in Nov.
  17. wolffam

    Rasta Leather

    Looking for information on this coral.
  18. wolffam

    Which brittlestar works best in a reef

    What is the best brittle star to have in my reef tank? Currently have a green, but some say that he'll hunt smaller fish.
  19. wolffam

    Refuge Size

    I have a 135 tank. What would be a good refuge size? I currently have a 20 gal just sitting around. Would that be big enough?
  20. wolffam

    New Fish & Green Brittlestar

    I'm looking to add two pecula clowns, six line wrasse, cleaner shrimp and two peppermint shrimp and maybe another small fish soon. Do I need to move my green brittlestar to the sump? I've been reading where they like to go after the smaller fish. Mine has been kind enough to dispose of my...