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  1. autofreak44

    i havent visited this site in a while!

    all my equipment is listed at the bottom of the first post, i think your going to have trouble getting shots like this out of a canon powershot. all of the equiptment i used to take this pic costs around 1k, and i dont even have the right lens
  2. autofreak44

    i havent visited this site in a while!

    heres the maroon and the yellow watchman being sociable... a little out of focus but whos lookin
  3. autofreak44

    i havent visited this site in a while!

    well, since ive been away my tank has been doing great, and here is the newest addition, my baby maroon clown! i took this shot with a nikon D40, 18-70mm 3.5-4.5G, SB-800 master flash and SB-600 slave unit. the lens isnt great for macro so i had to do a pretty tight crop but whatever, i like it...
  4. autofreak44

    The Official Insomniac MEGATHREAD

    haha wow... this is the only forum i go on that has an official insomniac thread... as well as a bunch of people on at 3 am haha
  5. autofreak44

    i havent been here in a while

    thanks u guys... im using my brand new nikon D40 (im in love hehe)... most of the pictures were taken in the Program setting...
  6. autofreak44

    i havent been here in a while

    did you miss me? haha well thanks to everyone here because my tank has been doing great with no major issues for the past few months (besides one electrical hazard that got taken care of)... everyone here taught me so much i dont find my self comming back much for advise because... well... i...
  7. autofreak44

    Geocaching Anyone??

    i went my first time like 2 months ago and found 2 of the 3 we looked for that day :] i was bummed out when i found that my gps i have at home wont let you plug in coordinates :/ very fun
  8. autofreak44

    Pics Of My 3 Week Old Bio Cube

    no you can take it back to the hobby store for credit...
  9. autofreak44

    tank causing mold on the walls??

    the tank probably is causing mold, cause as you know you have to top off your tank with gallons of water a week, and all that water has to go somewhere (your walls) mold sucks, good luck
  10. autofreak44

    What make you want to look at a thread

    low post counts cause then i know they havent been helped yet
  11. autofreak44

    Any Boyscouts out there?

    i work at a scout summer camp and I am a BSA certified life guard
  12. autofreak44

    Salt water Rookie

    first off you can only have 2 clowns in a tank, no more or they will fight. the clowns need to be a mated pair or else they will fight (ask your fish store they will help you out) in a 58 gallon you have lots of options. but price is going to be expensive to buy and maintain a 58 gallon...
  13. autofreak44

    When ammonia spikes

    i would have to guess and say that the ammonia levels go up but seriously, your ammonia goes up when it spikes... typically it should stay at 0
  14. autofreak44

    My Freshwater Jones Soda Tank

    good idea, wrong fish... cool lookin though
  15. autofreak44

    any 1 ever done

    hey if it were a bad thing to flop for profit, then how would realestate developers, car restorers, etc make a living? i flop gopeds a lot and make some decent $$$
  16. autofreak44

    Diving Great Barrier Reef

    nice shots! i wanna go!!
  17. autofreak44

    what got you into aquariums?

    i was websurfing and looking at pix and stuff and then i sort of stumbled on to lookin at the pix of all the fish and stuff in the store... it toook me a long time to figure out there was actually a forum on this website... its kinda hidden
  18. autofreak44


    i didnt hear the part where it played a voice backward... was that after the credits started?
  19. autofreak44

    R.I.P Heath Ledger!

    i feel for him and all but thats screwed up... if you have a 2 year old daughter, you dont kill your self because you have issues... you look for help..... screwed up imo
  20. autofreak44


    haha i think the only reason a lot of people didnt like this movie too much (including my step brother) is that they got motion sick from all the jerky camera motions.... i have the stomach of steel (coffee, coke, and candy during the movie) and i loved it... but puking during a movie probably...