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  1. mr_x

    RAR...what is it?

    i'm talking about acan lordhowensis, and how you can purchase a completely healthy colony, put it in your tank, and it does well. it eats, it's fully inflated, it looks beautiful. then all of the sudden, it starts rapidly receding, and gives you no explanation why. i have named this RAR- rapid...
  2. mr_x

    Baby Stegosaurus?

    what the heck is this thing? it has a body similar to a chiton, but it has the strangest looking spike-like armor on it's back. i found it out of the water, stuck to the underside of the plastic rim around the top of one of the breeder tanks. it curled up when i touched it.
  3. mr_x


    i was moving some corals to yet another new frag tank, and noticed this guy. what do you think?
  4. mr_x

    any ideas?

  5. mr_x

    what do you think about

    having a Crinoid Feather Star, and it's hosting Crinoid Clingfish in a reef tank?
  6. mr_x

    Nautilus pompilius

    i was just speaking to someone that offered me a Nautilus pompilius. what an awesome creature! i wish i had a big predator tank! has anyone seen one of these in captivity? is keeping one of these long term possible?
  7. mr_x

    I.D. this piece

    give me a name for this baby...the guy said something along the lines of...hoekemensai(sp?)...or something like that...
  8. mr_x

    how common is a

    purple stylo? i boought this as a wild colony a while ago as a pink stylo, and this is what it has become- i don't recall seeing many purple stylos.
  9. mr_x

    hitch snail

    i was at the gym tonight topping off and feeding, and i noticed a large black snail, shaped somewhat like a whelk, munching on either a dead porcelain crab, or the molting of a porcelain crab. the snail was mostly black, with a splash of white on it's shell. not much, maybe about 15% white. it...
  10. mr_x

    new skimmer

    since my total water volume is much larger than when i decided on a skimmer in the very beginning, i have attempted an upgrade. originally i opted for the ASM G4X. for a roughly 250-300 gallon total volume system, it was plenty. now my system is closer to 400 gallons. i'm not saying that the G4X...
  11. mr_x

    South Pacific Sunlight?

    does anyone know anything about these bulbs? i have an opportunity to get some at a discount, and i want to know if it's too good to be true.
  12. mr_x

    my latest fish food

    i made some food tonight, which i'll be feeding to my fish and corals, for the next few months. the cost was approximately 7 dollars give or take. the whole process took about 10 minutes. i can guarantee that this food is 100 X better for your tank. it doesn't even smell. ok. the first photo...
  13. mr_x

    Green Tipped Pocillapora Woes

    i purchased a frag of green tipped pocilapora a few years ago and it's been a lucrative piece of coral, to say the least. it grows at an alarming rate for sps. it looks nice too, with it's long polyps waving in the current. the trouble with it is it's extremely invasive. be warned! it has sent...
  14. mr_x

    Euro-Reef CS6-1 protein skimmer

    for sale is this euro-reef cs6-1 protein skimmer. it works great. the pump has a new needle wheel also. this is the old model, without the "union" style skimmer cup. the new ones are about 350 dollars. i'd like 150 for this one. i'd prefer local pickup but i'll ship at your expense. it's a...
  15. mr_x

    trying out the new camera

    i just purchased a canon eos rebel xs 1000d. here's a pic in "full automatic". i think a tripod would have made it better, but i believe the colors are more true to life than the old camera. i still can't get the blue tips on the stag in the center to show up.
  16. mr_x


    only hobby related items are allowed to be posted.
  17. mr_x

    another crab to look at/id

    i hate to kill anything, so when i get in a piece of coral, that happens to have a crab on it, i take him/her off and toss him in the sump. all the crabs up to date have been tiny things..about the size of a lima bean, tops. tonight while i was dumping the skimmer cup, i looked down into the...
  18. mr_x

    do you think it's time?

    do you think i should clean my koralia 4 now, or should i wait a little longer? i think there are one or two holes still not filled with coralline.....
  19. mr_x

    new chalice frag

    this thing is crazy looking. i had to buy it.
  20. mr_x

    Happy Birthday!

    it's jeanheckle's birthday today. i think she just turned 28!