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  1. subielover

    Pistol shrimp and sexy shrimp compatable???

    Ok, so next weekend I am picking up a Yashia Haze Goby and a candy stripe pistol shrimp. Anywho, they will be joining a Ocelarris clown in my Biocube 14. Question is can I keep sexy shrimp as well? Or will the pistol kill them? Experiences preferred but opinions, of course, are welcome. Thanks.
  2. subielover

    How do I kill colonial hydroids?

    How do I kill colonial hydroids?
  3. subielover

    Subie's new frogspawn

    My clown keeps getting closer and closer to it, we shall see.
  4. subielover

    What is this?

    What is this thing? It's tentacles are clear with little white tips. It looks like some type of anemone or something to me. Thoughts?
  5. subielover


    Anyone know why rotary got banned again?
  6. subielover

    Blasto tank placement

    I have them in a Biocube 14 with the standard pc lighting. They are currently on a frag plug on my sand. I would like to move them up off the sand, any suggestions or do they prefer to be low in the tank?
  7. subielover

    Cats and Dogs
  8. subielover

    Flame Hawkfish

    Wondering if I can add a flame hawkfish to my Biocube 14. The other fish in the tank are a false percula and a sixline wrasse. Thanks for any advice.
  9. subielover

    Blastomussa merleti and wellsi

    What is the difference between the two?
  10. subielover

    Filter floss

    I searched and couldn't find anything, but can you buy filter floss or similar at Lowe's or home depot? I thought I read awhile back that people did, but wanted to be sure. What section would it be in?
  11. subielover

    Is it working?

    I was just wondering since the classifieds have been removed, has swf's business improved?
  12. subielover

    Best camera under $200

    Well my dad wants to get my mom a new point and shoot camera. Not a big budget, around $200 or so. Can anyone recommend one, I realize this is entry level stuff but does anyone have any good experiences with any cheaper cameras?
  13. subielover

    True or False??

    Is this a true perc or false? It was sold to me as a false percula but I want to be sure. Thanks.
  14. subielover

    Aiptasia or a black sun coral

    I have never had aiptasia but could someone let me know what this is. When I touch it, it retracts in like a zoa. FWIW
  15. subielover

    New sun coral...

    This is my first sun coral. I am a little nervous about having to take care of it, but I am gonna give it a go. Any advice would be appreciated. Here are some pics I took tonight after feeding a bit.
  16. subielover

    Subie's new acan

    This is my new aussie acan that I picked up last night. I love it All comments welcome...
  17. subielover

    The Fightin Phils have done it!!!!!!!

    Phinally the Phillies have ended the drought? Good for them
  18. subielover

    Has anyone read the new sticky in the classifieds section? Looks like it will cause a little bit of a stir, especially now that swf is going to take a percentage out of everything privately sold on it. Wow
  19. subielover

    Building a stand for a Biocube 14...

    I want to build a stand for my Biocube 14. I would like it took be similar in size to the Oceanic stand. Anyone ever do anything similar, or point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  20. subielover

    Bicolor blenny markings?

    I bought a new bicolor blenny today. Anyway he has some white markings right around his mouth and also some white stripes going down his back. Anyhow I did some research and apparently this is a common thing and sometimes indicative of being stressed (which is understandable considering I...