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  1. torno

    !@#$% ...trace amounts of gasoline now in tank...

    haha if that much gas does surface, we'll see. ;]
  2. torno

    !@#$% ...trace amounts of gasoline now in tank...

    ahh okay! that doesn't sound too disastrous then. :] and according to my dad, it was only an attempt to siphon the gas, so maybe there wasn't that much on it. regardless, carbon is being run with the top off, thanks!
  3. torno

    !@#$% ...trace amounts of gasoline now in tank...

    thank you guys tremendously! i will let you know how things go. :]
  4. torno

    !@#$% ...trace amounts of gasoline now in tank...

    hmm. Good point. I will do just that. Do you presume it will be safe after the carbon? Maybe my first additions will be nothing too expensive, just to be safe..
  5. torno

    !@#$% ...trace amounts of gasoline now in tank...

    Oohh no, this was planned to be a freshwater tank, so no live rock or anything. I just spent all this time building up this bacteria, for my stupid !@#!@ dad to do this and ruin everything. It does look like I'm going to have to start over, huh?
  6. torno

    !@#$% ...trace amounts of gasoline now in tank...

    UGHHH. okay so, for the last sixish weeks, I have been cycling a 55 gallon freshwater tank. The parameters have been all over the place. Finally tonight, ammonia is zero, nitrite is zero, signs of nitrate building. I have deemed it cycled. So, I do a water change, take out two five gallon...
  7. torno

    Sick spotted puffer, please help

    ahh well, he didn't make it. no, i've never tested for kH before, I don't even know what that is. Thanks
  8. torno

    Sick spotted puffer, please help

    I bought a blue-spotted toby puffer from my lfs on friday night, and i don't think he's doing too well. He started eating frozen mysis on saturday night and sunday night too, but i've noticed he's been spending a lot of time at the top of the tank gasping, even just sitting on top of the...
  9. torno

    The Beer thread

    *throws up in mouth*
  10. torno

    Pet peeves

    What if someone did that to your dog? Or 4 year old daughter?
  11. torno

    did any one notice the democrat debate?

    Go Hilary. :]
  12. torno

    smokers beware this could be you

    ahah you're goofy tobin But honestly, congratulations! Your body will thank you for it!
  13. torno

    what fish do you keep in your 90g?

    ALL fish contribute to bioload. Your tank is destined to crash.
  14. torno

    Pet peeves

    your vs. you're your shows possession. you're is a contraction of "you are". Come on people. Also, punctuation. im sorry but when people type like this without using punctuation then expect you to read it without any difficulties i know one user in particular who does this on here and i...
  15. torno

    best trigger fish contest

    Socals niger AW2s bluejaw Titans undulated :cheer:
  16. torno

    A Cool Fish

    Actually, wolf eels aren't really eels, they're blennies. I think if the jawfish is around the same size of the green wolf, that it should be okay. It's not going to go after a 9" fish to swallow whole if its well fed.
  17. torno


    Odd rule. I doubt saltwaterfish really has anything to fear "competition wise" to the forum I recommended. Do a search on google for an octopus forum, you'll find it.
  18. torno

    My new pet!

    OMG. I think I just [hr] my pants. Spiders and bats are my two BIGGEST fears in THE world. I'd rather be around a snake as long a telephone pole than a spider the size of a quarter. No lie.
  19. torno


    No links to other forums. 1Journeyman
  20. torno

    I got a copperband tonight

    Ahh the copperbands, beautiful fish. I had mine die on me last week after 4 weeks. That was my 4th one. Maybe we just weren't meant to be. Good Luck with yours though.