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  1. dmjordan

    tank pics

    couple pics of my tank.....
  2. dmjordan

    hagen glo t-5 lights

    does anyone use these lights or know if their balllasts are any good? thinking about picking up 2 of the retros with individual reflectors but what to make sure the are descent first.
  3. dmjordan

    pics for the contest

    mushroom toadstool leather gold maxima featherduster
  4. dmjordan

    48" orbit for sale 4 x 65 watt pc's in MD.

    ***NO SHIPPING***great light for keeping softies and lps. bulbs need to be replaced. only selling because i upgraded to mh. $175.00***NO SHIPPING***
  5. dmjordan

    aquactinics mh/t5 combo ?

    anyone have one of these or experience with one. i saw them at macna and they were cool to the touch. their reps said they won't raise the temp of the tank by more than 1 degree. are these a good light and will they raise the tank temp? they had theirs sitting on top of the tank with no legs.
  6. dmjordan

    55 gal tank for sale in maryland

    perfecto brand tank with matching lighted hood. used as freshwater tank never seen salt $75.00. pick up only no shipping.
  7. dmjordan

    which light is better?

    trying to find out which one is better as far as quality and performance: aquactinics tx5 or tek 4 bulb unit. this will be for a 55 gal tank.
  8. dmjordan

    let's see those acans

    thinking about getting some acans and want to see some of the color morphs that are out there.
  9. dmjordan

    halmedia (sp?)

    started growing in my tank. should i yank it or keep it?
  10. dmjordan

    any local trades in maryland???

    just wanted to see if anyone in maryland has anything for trade. looking for lps, zoas, blue shrooms, 2 color frogspawn, green hammer, acans. i have brown polyps, green birdsnest, orange monti digi, green monti digi, tan monti digi, pink birdsnest, green zoas.
  11. dmjordan

    55 gal tank f/s

    not rr. tank only no stand. great for a new tank or sump. local pick up only. no shipping. $75.00
  12. dmjordan

    new corals

    couple of new corals i picked up
  13. dmjordan

    what happened to my toadstool?

    i have had my toadstool in my tank for about 9 months or so (can't remember exactly). anyway everything has been doing really well in my tank. tank has been set up for over a year. it hasn't pulled out its polyps in a few days. still shrinks at night and expands its body (not as large as before)...
  14. dmjordan

    my new white torch coral

    been in tank for a week now and seems to be doing good.
  15. dmjordan

    toadstool mushroom splitting?

    my toadstool looks like it is splitting. is this normal?
  16. dmjordan

    aqua medic t-5 lights...any good?

    i am thinking of upgrading the lights on my 55 gal with t-5's. i found a place that sells a aqua medic fixture with 8 54 watt t-5 bulbs for $340.00. is this a good light (any problems with this brand) or should i just go with one with individual reflectors from a different company? i would like...
  17. dmjordan

    question about attaching this pipe

    the first 2 drain pipes fit snuggly over the hard pvc. the one in my hand will fit snuggly inside the pvc 90 degree angle. can i use pvc cement to glue these together? this line will slowly feed water from my dt to my fuge...i have a ball valve on it to regulate flow. the last pic is my return...
  18. dmjordan

    it fit.....barely

    tomorrow i set the plumbing and plug it in.
  19. dmjordan

    brisstle worm broke in two.....

    while trying to remove a large bristle worm it broke into 2 pieces. i removed the last 3" of its body but the rest of it (probably another 5" is still in the tank hiding in the rock. will this die and cause an ammonia spike or will it regenerate into a whole worm again?
  20. dmjordan

    got a slight possible problem...

    today i finally had an open window of getting out one of my large brisstle worms. when i grabbed it only a 3" piece of it broke off and the rest went into the live rock. the part i have is still moving in a cup with no water in it. will the part of the worm in the tank cause an ammonia spike if...