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  1. autofreak44

    i havent visited this site in a while!

    well, since ive been away my tank has been doing great, and here is the newest addition, my baby maroon clown! i took this shot with a nikon D40, 18-70mm 3.5-4.5G, SB-800 master flash and SB-600 slave unit. the lens isnt great for macro so i had to do a pretty tight crop but whatever, i like it...
  2. autofreak44

    i havent been here in a while

    did you miss me? haha well thanks to everyone here because my tank has been doing great with no major issues for the past few months (besides one electrical hazard that got taken care of)... everyone here taught me so much i dont find my self comming back much for advise because... well... i...
  3. autofreak44

    gopeds anyone?

    i just got this off brand goped (40cc) for free and its pretty cool. ive been cleaning up rust and painting all day... i had it running last night but unfortunately one of the sun-baked drive belts broke so i have to go buy another one.... so who else has gopeds? any fast ones? lets see some pix!
  4. autofreak44

    looking for small easy horses

    ok im sure this question has been asked a million times but here it goes. are there any hardy, frozen food eating seahorses that will fit in a 10 gallon tank? the tank is like 14 inches tall so it has some up and down room... also im guessing the only thing you could keep with them are sponges...
  5. autofreak44


    anyone see this movie? i thought it was really good... the music was great too, Kimya Dawson rocks socks
  6. autofreak44

    our boat OWNED the boat parade :D

    so check it out, Villa Park california on land boat parade.... we entered and kicked butt everyone else just did christmas but we did marley christmas with a palm tree.... cherry on top so we were the only boat to get in the paper, and we...
  7. autofreak44

    USF- unidentified star fish

    ok i found this starfish in my tank... its green and a little smaller than a dime with fat legs. so is this star good or bad? i think the spots on the PH are from it, which makes me think its bad...
  8. autofreak44

    Leopard OS

    so how is the new mac leopard os? whats different? just considering if the upgrade is worth it
  9. autofreak44

    back your stuff up

    well my harddrive just got fried in my mac so $250 dollars, 2000 songs, and 8000 pictures later i learned my lesson. take it from me, back up the important stuff on your computer
  10. autofreak44

    presidential election

    well now that we can have more than 2 options in poles lets have a vote for who will be the winner of the 08 election... state your reason why too! please excuse me if i forgot any candidates i could only choose 12
  11. autofreak44

    camera question

    ok for all the camera buffs out there, im looking to replace my old 35mm with this camera (the one at the top canon 7E) im gonna try to talk him down to $110. the camera is 5 years old. so good deal? thanks
  12. autofreak44

    satellite view of fires

    check this out they are like 5 miles from my house but i am definitely not in its path.... god bless all those who are
  13. autofreak44

    flatworm exit

    ok today i bought flatworm exit and tomorrow (or maybe tonight) if i get home early enough i will use it. im going to put fresh carbon in and change it after 5 hours as well as a 30% water change... is that good enough? any tricks to this stuff? thanks
  14. autofreak44

    flat worms.... ugh

    there are lots of red flat worms all over my tank, i bought a 6 line wrasse but he hardly eats any of them. what is the best flat worm med, and how is it going to effect my shrimp, snials, crabs and coral? any tips on how to use it? thanks
  15. autofreak44

    how often to replace t-5 bulbs?

    how often should i replace t-5 bulbs? i run em about 10hrs a day thanks
  16. autofreak44

    everything got stolen...

    im gonna try real hard to censor this ok so we go to the movies and my brother leaves his car windows cracked a little so the black leather wont bake his car. inside was my school's photojournalisim camera (about 3k) and my ipod (about 250) and my film camera (about 600) and my monster cable...
  17. autofreak44

    free 600 gph pump

    basically new pump 600gph to whoever wants to pick it up. its an off brand but it works great if your interested pm me NO I WILL NOT SHIP... dont ask thanks
  18. autofreak44

    SLR camera questions

    Ive been trying to get my hands on a D-SLR camera for a while but unfortunately until i get a solid job that is out of the question. For now i want to buy a regular SLR but i have a few questions. First off, I have never used a film camera for anything ever... so i have lots of questions and...
  19. autofreak44

    what algae is this?

    what type of macro-algae is this?? is it good or bad? keep it or sell it? thanks
  20. autofreak44

    some new pix

    here are a few shots of my 20L tank. it has a total of 70W of T-5 light. its been set up for 3 months yellow watchman anyone know what this macroalgae is?? toadstool frag free shroom 5$ frogspawn toadstool topdown of the frogspawn FTS (that bag of cheato is being shipped tomorrow lol) my...