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  1. salt210

    My shallow reef tank diary }(>')

    Not quite that easy. Married with children.....
  2. salt210

    How is the Fourm???

    The only reason I stopped frequenting is because I had to sell my tank.
  3. salt210

    How is the Fourm???

    Reefcentral. And theres def a lot less activity then when I was here before too
  4. salt210

    I'm starting new 210gal "aggressive" tank What do I use for CUC ?

    What about a zebra moray? Blue throats have nice color. Unfortunately I can only speak for my luck for about a month with the mix
  5. salt210

    Thinking about getting a lionfish, wondering about food.

    I mostly fed mine frozen shrimp. And on the occasion bought live saltwater shrimp or other "goodies"
  6. salt210

    Zebra Moray Eel Not Eating

    I used to feed my zebra with a clear tube that I bought from the lfs. Remember they are pretty blind. If you have any shrimp in the tank take a count.
  7. salt210

    My shallow reef tank diary }(>')

    :) Ty mom you should! Ill sell you my tank!!!Since I was forced to sell the tank theres been alot of changes. Including a baby addition to the fam. Ive been talking to her about it for awhile, but shes afraid Ill go crazy again Im guessing
  8. salt210

    My shallow reef tank diary }(>')

    Theres a lot of good looking tanks around these days. Missing the hobby and trying to get my wife to let me back in it
  9. salt210

    New Ballast Arrived

    no pics yet?
  10. salt210

    how to go about it?

    you could use a shop vac too. just do it with your water changes
  11. salt210

    how to go about it?

    remove and replace it all. you wont be able to get the CC out by itself.
  12. salt210

    look what I held today

    no I didnt buy them myself. it was the first time that I have ever held some in my hand. we had them at the restaurant where I work because we had a company buy out the place for a party.
  13. salt210

    Katsafado's first ever 10g SW tank(nano)

    if you dont mind me asking how much are you in total for the tank? and what PHs are you using?
  14. salt210

    look what I held today

    sorry second pic didnt come out too well
  15. salt210

    look what I held today

    around $3200 worth of black truffles
  16. salt210

    The Bro's first Saltwater Aquarium 29g BioCube

    Originally Posted by meowzer I love my T5HO on the 29G, BUT would never attempt them on the 225G 30" deep tank... lady at my closest LFS put T5s on her 210, says it is doing very well.
  17. salt210

    my tank

    in the last pic above the cuc, in the hole in the rock. what is that?
  18. salt210

    10 Gallon Nano Thread

    I really want to get my 10g running
  19. salt210

    Niger12's Biocube 14 Slow Evolution

    they look safe to me