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  1. luvmyreef

    Live rock

    Hey all. So, when I took down the 180g tank, I bleached all of my live rock, dried it, and put it in storage containers. I am considering a new tank set up but do not want the same issues to arise from the rock. Is there anything else I can do to the rock to make sure it's safe? I am considering...
  2. luvmyreef

    Luvmyreef's 20g Nano Build

    Well, I have decided to upgrade the little 10g for a 20g high. I have a pair of black and white clowns that will call this tank home. I have never drilled a tank, but there is a first time for everything. I will be purchasing the Glass Holes Super Nano Overflow kit. Also, their return kit...
  3. luvmyreef

    Possible Aggressive Tank Build.....Need advice

    Hey Guys, I was thinking about turning my old 75g that I have into an aggressive tank for the hubby. He really likes puffers, lions, etc. It is not drilled, and since we know nothing about how to drill it, I am turning to you all. I know that I need a sump because you really can't have your...
  4. luvmyreef

    Unsure what this is?

    Ok, so in the 180, I noticed this little guy crawling around my neon trumpet coral. I am unsure whether or not it is a sundial snail or possibly a baby banded trochus snail?? Any ideas on how to tell? Here is a pic. Thanks.
  5. luvmyreef

    Favorite Coral Colors

    Just wondering what coral (can be sps,lps,softies,etc.but just one) in your opinion gives the best color for each category. Fill in your answers! And pics if ya got them...Anybody? Red= Blue= Green= Yellow= Orange= Purple= Pink=
  6. luvmyreef

    Mysis v/s Spirulina Brine Shrimp

    Okay, so I have read so many times that brine shrimp is worthless. I however, feed my fish a variety of Spirulina Brine shrimp mixed with Mysis Shrimp soaked in vitamins. Looking at the back of the packages, there is not much difference. They are the San Francisco Bay Brands. Guaranteed...
  7. luvmyreef

    Luvmyreef's 180g Diary

    Well, time to start the diary. I purchased a 180g all glass aquarium and stand. The tank is not drilled. It will be sumpless. I do want to use a refugium. I will be taking my time on this. So here is a list of everything. Equipment: 72in. Icecap Reef Illuminations Fixture 3-250w HOI, 2-T5HO, and...
  8. luvmyreef

    Well, I did it!!

    As of Thursday, if all goes well, I will be the owner of a new 180g all glass aquarium! It will be a sumpless reef tank, but will have a refugium. I have been planning this thing for awhile now. So excited to finally get it!! Next on the list.....Metal Halides...
  9. luvmyreef

    Zoas wont open at all??

    Rust Brown Flatworm The first and most common type of flatworm can become a nuisance quickly in the home aquarium. These organisms are tan, brown or rust colored with a red dot, and reach a size of up to 1/4" in length. They are oval and slightly elongated with two tail-like appendages at their...
  10. luvmyreef

    Does increasing temps do more harm than good?

    I always read how people increase their tanks temp to combat ick. I recently read an article about the effects that warmer water has on our tanks. Let me quote it "each species of fish or coral has a particular range of water temperature within which it is most comfortable living. And because...
  11. luvmyreef

    New Additions !!!

    Well, since everyone on here likes pictures, and some are showing new stuff, I thought I would post my new stuff that I got a couple weeks ago. Bam Bams, Tubbs Blues, Green Hulk Zoas, Jokers, and the Joker Acan. Enjoy!
  12. luvmyreef

    PH Issues with chemipure elite?

    Hey guys/gals...Little problem here...Two days ago I did a 20% water change on my 75 gal and switched from chemipure to the elite. Yesterday my Miami hurricane zoas looked bad...tested PH..7.6 around 1pm. Took measures to correct. This am all zoas look bad...tested goes 75 g...
  13. luvmyreef

    Bored...starting a 10g Nano

    Hey Guys....I have been bored lately....and I happen to have a 10g tank just sitting around collecting dust. I think I will set it up as a little nano...Never done one before, but why not...with all you guys to help...this should be fun! Suggestions, advice etc. will be more than appreciated...
  14. luvmyreef

    Good or Bad bugs? Help please!!

    Ok, so recently I have added several new corals, and ofcourse I dip everyone of them before placing into my tank. However, my new purple deaths are dying and I noticed very tiny (using a black bugs? on the plug? They are fast too. Anyone have any ideas if these are bad and if so, How...
  15. luvmyreef

    Adding a sixline wrasse?

    Ok, maybe someone can help me out. I have a 75 g reef in progress with a yellow tang, perc. clown, purple firefish, royal gramma, and mandarin. My friend is tearing down her 55 g and has a fully grown six line wrasse she wants to give me, but says he is really aggressive in her tank. My question...
  16. luvmyreef

    New Stuff!! Tell Me What You Think!!

    Hey guys/gals, I have been adding new stuff, and just wanted to show you all and see what you think.. New orange ric, new zoas (one pic under actinics after I glued them to a rock), new shrooms and toadstool. Some pics are blurry, sorry had to use the cell phone camera. Let me know what you...
  17. luvmyreef

    My new "rescued" mandarin

    Well, here's the deal...I think that mandarin/dragonet fishes should be banned from pet stores.. This pic will show why. I have recently been looking for one because I have a 75g tank full of pods...that nothing in my tank eats. Well, I found this little guy at a local pet store...I wasn't...
  18. luvmyreef

    No Ich?

    Okay, It seems that people are always having problems with ich. I did a little looking around and found a product that says it is safe in reef tanks, etc. etc. Here is the info:Product- NO ICH by fishvet * Copper and Malachite Green free water treatment for stopping ich * Use in fish-only or...
  19. luvmyreef

    Oh NOOOOOOO!!!!! Need Help.....

    Ok Guys/Gals I just saw my clove polyps this am. they look bad.....And my anemone had moved....I think I just figured out why....Tests are fine though ph-8.1 Ammonia-still running, so far 0, nitrite-0, nitrates 2.5, my sp gravity is thru the roof......I cant get the same reading twice, one...
  20. luvmyreef

    Full Aquarium Shots....

    Can we get/start a thread where everyone posts a full tank shot...? I am tired of looking back thru pages and pages trying to see everybodys... Meowzer? NYCBOB? Cryptkeeper? Flower? Everybody???