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  1. moraym

    PVC Piping for Wet-Dry

    I'm setting up a 55g with a store-bought wet-dry filter underneath, and this is my first experience with DIY plumbing. The overflow box and flexible tubing came w/ the filter; for the return I'm using a QuietOne 3000 (600gph @ 4-ft head) and 1" PVC. - I have attached a diagram of the set-up...
  2. moraym

    Snorkel/dive options for those with poor vision?

    Maybe a silly question, but I've been trying to take up diving for a while, and finally have an opportunity to snorkel and take some open water courses in Hawaii in February. However, I have pretty poor vision. In cases where I can't wear glasses, I'll wear contacts, such as when I ski...
  3. moraym

    Anyone use

    Is it really free? Other than I'm sure bad conversion rates, what is the catch, if any? I have 700,000+ Marriott points and tons of AMEX points from nonstop business travel. However when it comes to flights I always use the most convenient airline time available, without regard to company. So...
  4. moraym

    Framing pictures, Photoshop tips & tools assistance.

    I am currently framing four pictures, two 8x10 black and white scenery, and two 6x8 color of underwater reefs. I took all four pics, had frames and matting fitted, now printing them at a local place for framing for my townhome. I'm pretty good with Photoshop, but wanted to get some advice on...
  5. moraym

    Tips on negotiations with engagement rings

    For a non-store-brand ring (eg - a Scott Kay in a Bailey Banks or R. Simmons) in the upper 4 or lower 5 figures, what is a good discount one should pursue from the displayed price. I know you shouldn't pay full price for jewelry ever, since discounts are always available, but I don't want to...
  6. moraym

    when airport security goes too far

    Six total pics in order on this page::D :D;s=1;w=320
  7. moraym

    RO/DI filter comparison

    The one aspect of aquaria I've never dived into is the RO/DI filters (my old housemate used to have one, so I never needed to). I've located one for $100 w/ the following: 6 stage 100 GPD Reverse Osmosis RO+DI 4g tank TFC Reverse Osmosis membrane GAC polishing post-filter Stage specs: 1. 5...
  8. moraym

    Aquarium 55-pack (part 1: pics 1-24)

    Have a yearly pass to the Baltimore Aquarium, so while I was in the city on business I stopped by one night. And since the place was empty, I had plenty of time to snap pics. Here's a little description of the layout: Aquarium goes around in three or so levels around the "wings in the water"...
  9. moraym

    Aquarium pics: rays, scoripionfish, triggers

    I was up in Baltimore this weekend and have a membership to their aquarium, so I snapped some pictures since the place was empty. I'll post all 55 pics on the photo forum when I get the time, but here's the aggressives for you guys.
  10. moraym

    quick question for NITRAM

    Hey, a while back you said you'd help me photoshop the following picture to remove scratches and whatnot. I finally managed to find the 2.0 MB original, very high quality. I was going to send it to ya, if you're still interested drop me an email at (replacing '_AT_' with...
  11. moraym

    dead fish, what was the culprit

    . *** Uneasy stomach? Quick warning: dead fish pictures below. *** .
  12. moraym

    majestic mutt in the snow

    Just some sunday pictures
  13. moraym

    DLP v. LCD - another TV discussion

    I know this topic seems to be talked to death, and I've searched and read some older aquarium posts on the topic, but it's always good to go back and revisit the issue since it's a large expense. Just heard quoted on a radio ad: 42" LCD for $2600 52" DLP for $2800 This is in my price range, and...
  14. moraym

    quick-fliter powerhead

    I'm thinking of running 3 or 4 powerheads (402s probably) in my 55g aggressive tank to move water and get better flow. Anyone use the quick-filter attachments for powerheads, how well do they perform with regards to water polishing and how much maintenance/replacement do they require. Always...
  15. moraym

    lighting a LTA

    Looking to add a few LTAs, standard condys, nothing exciting or too demanding. Adding these to a 55g tank, and since I will be upgrading hoods in the next year or so, I am looking any information on bulbs that can be placed in my existing hood. It's just the standard plastic hoods that came with...
  16. moraym

    Is there anything better than feeling like a kid again

    I'm sitting at work and snow is absolutely pouring outside, a complete white-out. And there's nothing like snow to make ya feel like a kid again. It's only 11, but I have a strange desire to go outside, hop in the truck, do circles in the parking lot, and go home to let the dog out. It's so...
  17. moraym

    selling 10-12" engineer goby, in Northern VA

    Although he currently gets along with my SFE fine, I am adding an 18" aggressive moray and moving the SFE to a new tank where the engineer goby won't work. May take me a week or so of strategic rock-moving to catch him, but i'd like to sell the E Goby. Post email if interested. I'm not gonna...
  18. moraym

    dwarf lion 6-pack

    Just got bored at work and found some of my dwarf lion pics, thought i'd share:
  19. moraym

    adding color to FOWLR display

    Here's an issue i know several of us have grappled with over the years of keeping aggressives. I'm trying to find more ways to add color to my tank without using living items (corals, anemones, feathers). In the past I have been a fan of the Takashi Amano school of freshwater plant tanks...
  20. moraym

    Great White in Monterey Bay aquarium

    Here's a video of divers going into the Monterey Aquarium tank with the great white: Anyone know any more about this? Last time they tried this the shark ran himself into the wall repeatedly due to the smallest amount of electromagnetic activity...