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    Dedication Thread

    me me ... nobody said me i`ve only made like 5 posts in the last year or so
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    white sand vs black sand

    yes black sand shows "everything" good and bad. but i liked how it shows the colors of the corals off best ...
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    Ufc 100

    i hope Mir makes him tap "again"
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    There was a?
  5. steve24

    What the heck is this?

    stomatella snails
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  7. steve24

    candy cane pics

    here are my two, before my tank crashed and my neon greens started with 3 heads of each
  8. steve24

    what does my KH and ALK?

    Alkalinity - 8-12 dKH
  9. steve24

    SEP Closed first thread as Mod!

    Originally Posted by bigarn 6:50 PM ... Today! Reef Forum ... Git em Sep! do i hear the music from "Jaws" ??? Oh, and congrts sepulatian and renogaw wow, i haven`t been on in a "long" time ...
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    Video from the Ruaround/Tangman/El Guapo/Shogun Annual Picnic!

    Originally Posted by sepulatian Wow, that looks scary bet she had to change her pants afterwards
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    Video from the Ruaround/Tangman/El Guapo/Shogun Annual Picnic!

    Originally Posted by TangMan99 After drinking beer most of the day, it got interesting. i think this was from the picnic
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    Top off water question?

    Originally Posted by spanko Brand name steam distilled in the 1 or 2.5 gallon jugs at the grocery store will normally read 0 TDS. I filled my tank with distilled and continue to use distilled for top off to this day. NP here. walmart distilled water is all i`ve used ... filling the tank and...
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    Find more mistakes!!!

    2 mistakes ... the description under "fish photography" and "welcome"
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    Obamas grandmother died...

    grandmother .......................................
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    Penn St vs. OSU

    i`m thinking something like Penn St -40 OSU - 24 Go BLUE ...
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    Penn St vs. OSU

    whose your pick ? mines Penn St
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    i can`t post it again, BUT you can google "jingle bells reversed"
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    sorry, but i`ve seen VERY similar threads here before sorry, i made you jump ... but i thought it was funny mods, please deleteif you see fit ... and i see you did
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    subliminal messages ...

    listen to this ... Jingle Bells Played Backwards this is wild
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    reefkprZ ??? hope your alright and just busy fraggin