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  1. fishtanknewbie


    I have a couple of octopus for sale or trade they are about the size of a golf ball and eat really well if interested e-mail me at and i will get some pics for you. Thanks
  2. fishtanknewbie

    Red sea prizm pro deluxe parts for sell!!!!!!!!!

    Well here goes the story my prizm pro deluxe housing statred leaking so I decided to sell of the parts! I was going to buy a new housing but My wonderfull wife -My hero bought me a new skimmer a berlin x2 turbo anywho I have the prizm pump,collection cup, 2 surface skimmer with media basket all...
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    Mini brittlestars

    I am looking to get some mini brittlesars if anyone has some to sell or get rid of soon and willing to ship some copepods would be of interest also Thanks in advanced!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yea you could e-mail me at
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    125 gallon tank stand wanted!!!!!!

    I am looking for a deal on a stand for my 125 gallon and willing to travel a few hours out to get it!!!! Please e-mail me at if you have one for sale.
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    Clown trigger.

    Clown trigger for sale or trade!
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    Gotta Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a clown trigger about 3 inches that is go on a fish destroying rampage! He's killed my Royal gramma,Lawnmower blenny,Scotter blenny and a couple on damsel's. So he's up for sale Local pick up only I will meet you if it is a resonable distance. I will post pics this week some time. My...
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    Just ordered new bulbs!!!!!!!

    I JUST REPLACED THE LIGHT ON MY METAL HALIDE POWER COMPACT!! I can't believe how expensive the metal halide bulbs are and the acitics lights are to. I will post pics of the before new lights and after new light when they come in. I just ordered them today so hopefully by this weekend. I have...
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    Grey Angel!!

    getting rid of my Grey Angel. :happyfish I will post pics tonight and Local pick up only would not want to chance shipping with rollercoaster weather here. My e-mail address is if you have any questions. :thinking:
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    I am going to fish only and have a couple of corals left to get rid of. The following are not frag corals. Kenya tree,Colt tree,Cabbage leather,Toadstool leather and a medium sizes bubble coral. I will have the pics up hopefully tonight just have to find that camera! If interested e-mail me...
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    FS Wet/Dry

    I have an aqua clear aquatics pro 75 wet /dry with pump cap 1800 Over flow box and eveything just add water for $85.00 plus shipping. I only used it for about a year and it is excellent condition. ***) OOps wrong pictures I will get some and post them if intrested.
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    I am going to Fort Meyers for three weeks and looking for good spots to snorkel and see some fish and inverts. :thinking: Does anyone have any ideas on some good little snorkeling places in Florida? :help: Oh yea and good fish shops after all I have three weeks to site see.
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    Happy Father's Day

    I would like to wish all my fellow Dad Reefer's a Happy Father's day and I hope they get some nice stuff for their tanks.
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    For Sale!

    I am selling a large green Carpet Anemone! :help: Iwant $75.00 for him plus shipping or you can pick him up!
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    Today's My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

    My wife is taking me saltwater shopping I will post pics latter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jumping:
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    Frag Swap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is a frag swap coming June 3, 2006. Everybody is welcome to be frags to swap or just come and purchase many frags to choose from! It will be held at Coral Beauty Aquarium wich is in Monroe Michigan and the Address is 14750 LaPlaisance Rd from 11a.m to 5p.m. I look forward to seeing...
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    New Addition!

    Look what I got for $10.00 from a LFS they said it is a Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse. It was a ruby color when he was at the store then when he got in my tank Blam look at his color now! :notsure:
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    Just a Few Pics.

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    I Need Blue Legged Hermits!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have several coral to trade and here they are! Chili cactus coral.
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    Wet Dry For Sale

    I have a aquaclear pro wet dry rated for 75 gallon and rio 600 and all the plumbing for sale and will ship! I want $110.00 shipped anywhere in the USA.
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    I have just upgraded my light to a 72 inch coralife withe 3 150 metal halides and four 96 watt coralife compact fluorescent actinic blue bulbs and four huge moon lights for a moving pet shop price of $400.00 regularly 1040.00. :joy: